What is happening on December 21st, 2020? Many people are saying this is the shift that was promised in 2012. I’ve seen many people in recent weeks and months claiming that on December 21st humanity will shift into the next dimension and that the Age of Aquarius is finally upon us.

While anything is possible, this is unlikely. The change in consciousness that is taking place on planet Earth is happening on a much longer timescale. If Earth entered fourth density/fifth dimension all at once most people on the planet would not survive the experience.

Like the hands on a clock Earth is transiting the central sun/center of the universe and drawing ever more deeply into fourth density. We fully entered the lowest levels of fourth density in 2012 and enter more deeply into that energy with every passing year.

I had my kundalini rising experience in 2012. From that point on my subjective experience of reality and point of view completely changed. With each passing year that transformational process continues to deepen, and I continue to experience the fourth density energies more fully.

It was 2015 when I first noticed that the Winter Solstice marked the end of one cycle of ascension energies and the beginning of another. After each Winter Solstice I awaken and find the world feels new, and the air holds the crisp light filled quality I have come to associate with the New Earth.

With the return of the sun a new cycle of realization, purification, and transformation begins. Each step of the way I strive to consent to grace and truth, purify my mind and body, and allow ever more of my soul to shine through.

Big shifts in consciousness certainly happen, but those shifts most often happen at the level of our subjective experience of reality. Moreover, astrological alignments often mark the beginning of a new energetic theme in consciousness that will be experienced over a longer period of time.

The Winter Solstice marks a significant shift in consciousness, but it is happening on the timescale of the celestial movement of stars, planets, and our sun and moon throughout the cosmos. Not on the timescale of our wishful thinking.

On December 21st the Winter Solstice we will see the Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction in our night sky. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct and switch places in the sky every twenty years. This will be the closest they have been in the night sky in 800 years. In western astrology they will both be moving into the sign of Aquarius and be in air signs for the next two hundred years. For the preceding two hundred years they have been transiting through Earth signs. This is called the Great Mutation

The Great Mutation marks the end of an era of the practical and grounded, and the beginning of one characterized by more intellectual curiosity and forward thinking. The energy of the Great Mutation will set the energetic theme for the next several hundred years, during which time humanity will continue its evolution into fourth density at a more accelerated rate.

Every year I’ve been tracking the ascension energies since 2012 the energy seems to be on a steady crescendo towards greater intensity. The process of realization, purification, and transformation has grown more profound with each year. The peaks of my spiritual experiences get higher and higher and the valleys more shallow.

Increasingly that energy is making itself known in the collective. The collective consciousness changes at a much slower rate than what is possible on the individual level. Those watching this video are the way showerers and early risers. We are on the leading edge of consciousness of the collective transformation taking place. Others will follow and many are awakening at this time. Be kind and generous with what truth and grace you have found.