In this video we are going to discuss why old souls hate people. On the surface this sounds contradictory. Old souls are supposed to be more mature, compassionate, and loving, so why would they hate people? I hated people before my spiritual awakening because I was suffering from the same misidentification with my egoic self as the young souls I was hating. The subtle body (mind/emotions) of old souls is more mature and sophisticated than that of young souls, and many of us are more identified with this subtle body rather than our souls, which leads to an old soul ego trip.

I spent the first 25 years of my life on an old soul ego trip. Growing up I hated people. I didn’t understand why the people around me did the things they did. The children and even adults were overly emotional, frivolous and impulsive. I felt very isolated and alone. I compared myself to those around me and felt superior to them in almost every way.

This was before my awakening. I didn’t have a proper context for understanding our differences. If we got only one life to live then died I was better than pretty much everyone around me in every way I could conceive. At least so I thought. I was smarter, stronger, and wiser. I made better grades, had a stronger will, and seemed able to navigate life with less help and greater ease than those around me.

This made it very difficult to form peer relationships. I did not have the same interests as those around me. It was difficult to connect. I felt very alienated and alone. I worked hard throughout high school, got into a good college, and left my small town as quickly as possible. I thought maybe college would be better, and it was in some sense. I had grown up with predominately young souls who were new to the human experience. College was a mixture of young and adolescent souls, with a few older souls mixed in. It was better. Less chaotic. But I still felt very alienated.

This sense of alienation and comparing myself to other people caused me to hate people. The hatred was a byproduct of my loneliness and feeling of rejection by my peers. The alienation and hatred made me cynical and misanthropic. I thought people were weak and incompetent and I resented their existence and the fact I had to be around them.

This feeling of alienation psychologically predisposed me to the paradigm of functional materialism and Darwinism. This worldview confirmed that I was alone in the world, in a struggle for survival against inferior beings. This is the worldview that led me to law school. If I was stuck with these people I would at least play their game and get enough money and power to insulate myself from them.

Then I had my spiritual awakening. My heart opened and I once more started identifying with my soul and not my ego. I found information that proposed a different worldview in alignment with my mystical experiences. It said we were all one at the soul level and that only our minds and bodies create the perception of separation. It suggested that we have not only one life to live but reincarnate over and over in different forms learning the lessons form has to teach us.

I discovered Earth is a young soul planet in the process of evolving into an adolescent soul planet. That old souls from other places have incarnated during this time of transition to assist their evolution.

This new story gave me a new way of thinking about myself in relation to other people. I would not judge a child for not being an adult, so why would I judge young and adolescent souls for not being old souls? If we are all one at the level of soul, then our only differences relate to the gross and subtle bodies, where some mind complexes may be less sophisticated and skilled at navigating the world. But at the core of all being we all share a core inherent goodness and godliness.

Now when I find myself judging someone or comparing myself to other people I remind myself they are where they need to be learning the lessons they need to learn. It isn’t my place to judge and it is inappropriate to do so. When I judge and compare myself to other people I am misidentifying with my ego and theirs. I am being unskillful. I am on an old soul ego trip.

So I bring my awareness back to my heart. I bring my awareness back to my soul, and in so doing I see their soul as well. I see the inherent goodness hiding behind the costume of their mind and body. I see the godliness in them, playing its evolutionary role. I see myself looking back at me from a different perspective.

The world is in chaos and the young souls are scared and confused. They are doing the things young souls do. They are misidentified with their egos and their tribe. They can’t see past their own nose, and many of them are violent and unpredictable. They are in for some hard lessons, and the instrument of their instruction will be suffering. That is how we all learn until we are able to learn by deduction and contemplation.

Things will get worse before they get better. Young souls are still in the majority and have some hard lessons to learn. But the planet is evolving. The souls of each generation have a greater mix of old and adolescent souls. Things will change dramatically in the coming years as the young souls continue to exit the planet.

If you are an old or adolescent soul it is your job to see the godliness and goodness in the young souls. It is your job to be in touch with your heart and not judge. Embody the qualities you wish they had. Be the old soul that you are. Be the wise and loving older sibling, helping the young souls home. Recognize when you are on an old soul ego trip and bring your awareness once more back to the heart, and identify once more with your soul.