Many of us have been experiencing the old soul blues or dark night of the soul lately. The spiritual path can be lonely and frustrating at times. A lot of old souls have incarnated to assist humanity with its transition to the next yuga, age, or dimension. Part of our mission has been to incarnate onto a planet of mostly young souls and help transform and upgrade the planetary energy from the inside out.

As those of you reading this can attest, being an old soul on a young soul planet is not easy. Most of us have been lonely for as long as we can remember. As children we felt estranged from our families – black sheep that didn’t fit in. We didn’t have the same interests, values, or perspective as our family members. Even though there may be love, there is no mutual understanding.

Part of being an old soul on a young soul planet means we left most of our soul family behind to incarnate here. We incarnated into mostly young soul families that we had little to no prior karmic relationship with. As a result your affinity toward your biological family may not be very strong, and your friends may feel more like family.

This feeling of being rejected by our family is a primal wound for many old souls. It starts us off in this world with a feeling of being alone and misunderstood. Of being invisible to those around us. My family loved me and I loved them, but they were never able to understand me. I felt alone amongst them, and the more I talked the lonelier I felt. So eventually I stopped talking. It always felt like they were a part of a story I didn’t belong to. Now I know they have lifetimes of karma together, and I’m just an old soul passing through.

 Knowing this has made me more empathic towards my biological family. They are good people who did the best they could from their state of consciousness. Neither of us should feel guilty about not being as connected and close as we think family should be. The seniority of vibration of souls on this planet has been increasing steadily for over 50 years. So some old souls have been able to incarnate with one or two members of their soul family. This is the way evolution occurs, one generation at a time with each generation embodying ever more light.

Things get easier in adulthood. You have a little more control over who you associate with. With luck you start finding members of your soul family/tribe and start creating the family you always longed for. But it is still far from easy.

We still don’t have the same interest, goals, and perspective as most people. We still feel lonely in crowds. There is a wrongness to the way humans live that feels fundamental and obvious, but no one else seems to notice. It is still hard to connect with people. There is still a nagging sense of being lonely and far from home. But it is a bit easier.

As we awaken and remember who we are and what we came to do, the light gets brighter but so do the shadows. As you begin awakening and purifying your consciousness and choosing ways of being that you prefer, the old soul becomes even more countercultural. More abnormal. It becomes impossible to be satisfied with an average life.

After awakening the old soul starts demanding more meaning and purpose in their life. They demand more intimacy and depth in their relationships with other people. The old soul desires authenticity and is no longer satisfied with living a life defined by other people’s expectations.

This my friends is the work the old soul came to do. This is the transformational fire the old soul uses to change the world. It starts with awakening to who you are, realizing what you came to do, and culminates in the old soul transforming their life from the inside out to reflect what they authentically prefer.

As an old soul, your gift to humanity is your authentic self. We get sad and depressed when there is tension between where we are at and what we prefer. The unhappiness is telling us there are things within ourselves and in our lives that are out of alignment with our highest good. Listen to that unhappiness and pay attention to what feels out of alignment and needs to change.  

If you pay attention the old soul blues can be a great catalyst for transformation and evolution. You are an old soul on a young soul planet. We are far from home and away from our soul families. We came to serve the evolution and healing of this planet. We knew it would not be easy.

At times your desire for transformation will feel like it is making you even more alone and misunderstood, and that may be unavoidable. But the clearer and more authentic you get the more room you create for greater alignment. As you magnetize your truth your soul family will be drawn to you. You will find your tribe, and you will start creating heaven on Earth in this lifetime.

This is the work we came to do.