In this U.S. Elections energy update we look at and discuss the energies at play in the November 2020 election cycle. I’ve been resistant to doing a video on the U.S. Elections due to the amount of confusion and polarization around this topic. But I felt guided to talk about it today since it is so prominent in the collection consciousness.

To start with one might wonder if it is even appropriate or worthwhile for a “spiritual person” to care about politics or vote. My short answer to that is, “Yes.” The long answer is, “Yes, but without attachment to outcome.”

It is obvious to most of us that our political systems are corrupt and not up to the task of solving our collective problems. Yet these crude imperfect systems of governance are what we have now and for the foreseeable future, therefore they are key players in our collective decision making and destiny. To completely abdicate your duties and voice as a citizen is to deny your role in the collective karma.

Many will say voting is a waste of time because the system is rigged. The sad truth is that the system is rigged in favor of those with power and money. However, most of the “rigging” occurs at the level of deciding who makes it onto the ballot. It occurs at the level of controlling the spectrum of choices available.

In the United States presidential candidates are expected to raise three billion dollars for their campaigns during this election cycle, a number funded primarily by the ultrawealthy. If voting were completely irrelevant why would the rich and powerful spend so much money to convince you of who to vote for?

The reality is our political leaders are a reflection of our collective consciousness. Many of us long for enlightened visionary political leaders to help us through these difficult times. Yet that would not be an accurate representation of the collective consciousness. As a collective we get the political leaders we deserve, and that is rarely going to be a reflection of the leading edge of consciousness.

The collective consciousness is highly polarized and confused. Both the confusion and polarization are exacerbated by those who seek to manipulate the collective for political and economic advantage. That can make it very difficult for good well-intentioned people to make informed decisions about what and who they are voting for.

The political and economic power game can be viewed at the level of 3D chess or checkers. You can spend unlimited time and energy trying to understand all the different agendas and power games. You may gain some clarity, but you will more likely than not end up hopelessly confused.

For my part I vote for the lesser evil or greater good as an extension of my commitment to harm reduction. My perspective and values are informed by my belief in the unity of all life, and the moral imperative of being of service to the healing and evolution of others. When I vote that means I rarely am voting for my ideal candidates. Generally speaking the 3D system and collective consciousness isn’t producing options that appeal to me. So I meet the collective consciousness where it is at, and vote for the best candidates the deeply flawed system could produce.

Finally, I do not expect the people I’m voting for to save us or solve our collective problems. That is up to each of us on an individual level doing the work we are called to do on a daily basis to serve the collective good. Voting is just one thing among many that needs to be done to help that reality manifest. Even if that means voting for the lesser evil in a system that isn’t up to the task of dealing with the problems facing us.

The American people are in the midst of a karmic reckoning. No matter whether Biden or Trump wins in November there will be civil unrest, violence, and anger. An air of mystery hangs over the election. Even now it feels undecided. It is likely there will be trickery and deceit in some form that will throw everything in doubt and delegitimize the victory of whoever wins.

Trump will have to be drug out kicking and screaming, and the Republicans will do whatever it takes to keep him in office. Even if that means breaking the system to do so. Women will be the deciding vote in this election. If he loses it will be because they turned out in large numbers to vote against him.

Biden is tired and seems to be offering himself in service out of a sense of duty. He isn’t up to the task and he knows it. Kamela Harris will be the power behind the throne if he wins and will likely finish his term as President.

Biden is like an old war horse that has been pulled off the pasture for one last battle. It is the Baby Boomers’ last stand. A battle between two energetic dinosaurs, neither of which have the software to understand or embody New Earth energy. Yet one of them will be elected President in November, though we might wish it were otherwise.

Neither are perfect, neither are exemplars of New Earth energy. But they are the best the deeply flawed system could produce. Both are inadequate to solve the problems facing the country, but they decidedly represent two different paths. Both paths will be difficult, but one has decidedly more light on it than the other.

The future is uncertain and some difficult years and decades are in store for the collective. No one person is going to save us. The aliens aren’t going to intervene. The solar flare isn’t going to rapture all the good guys to heaven/New Earth and banish all the bad guys to hell. That would violate our free will. It would deny us the opportunity to learn the lessons necessary not to turn heaven into hell when we get there.

We build heaven right here and now in the present moment, one decision at a time, and every decision matters. Sometimes that means deciding to walk down the corridor with just a little more light in it.

We are in the midst of a generational and collective shift. I have faith that the future is bright, if difficult. All paths lead home, there are no mistakes. Whoever wins the future is ultimately bright. The only question is how hard do our lessons need to be? How much do we need to suffer? That is the choice before us, and we will suffer as much as we need to.

A brighter future is always possible. The gateway to heaven on Earth in this present moment is always open. We are surrounded by love and divine assistance. We just have to make the choice to walk through.