In this episode I will be discussing the simplicity of being and subtracting everything that is not true. Many people think of the spiritual path as being about acquiring something outside of themselves. For many people spirituality becomes an unending quest for knowledge, techniques, plant medicines, or teachers. Many of us are in a perpetual cycle of fancying ourselves one book, seminar or medicine ceremony away from enlightenment.

However, the spiritual path isn’t about acquiring anything. It is about subtracting everything that is not true. The truth is innate to your being. Always there waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be dusted off, noticed and valued.

Many of us have lost the invaluable truth of who we are in the clutter of all that we are not. We lose sight of the self in the stories we tell ourselves, our personal biographies, and our judgments about others. Yet whether we notice it or not the self is always there watching the machinations of our minds.

The self is our witnessing awareness, our great “I AM.” The self is simplicity itself. The self is without preferences, stories, or judgments. The self exists in a state of perpetual peace, joy, love, and ever new bliss. The self is without agenda.

Simplify your nature. Don’t allow yourself to become overly complicated. Stop seeking god outside of yourself. Identify the truth within yourself and become it. There is no technique greater than letting go of all that is not true.

Jesus told his disciples that they must be like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.

As you simplify your nature your life will become more harmonious and heavenly. The complicated will lose interest in your lack of games. The dramatic will be repulsed by your lack of drama. The miserable will lament your lack of commiseration. Heaven is your own mind and other people, and so is hell.

You will never beat the complicated at their own game. Because to play the game is to lose your simplicity. It is to lose sight of truth. The game of ego is lost simply by playing it.