In this video we discuss the key to exponential growth and transformation. No matter where we are on the transformation journey it never feels like we are growing fast enough. We do the work and everything right, and still things we thought were resolved come back once more wearing a different disguise. It can be disheartening and exhausting when that happens, but it is part of the process. The important thing is to KEEP GOING!

Transformation and spiritual evolution is an upward spiral. Often we revisit previous lessons or experiences from our more awakened perspective in order to discern whether there is anything left to learn from it. This can be disheartening if you thought you were done with something once and for all, only to find you have backslid into it.

As long as an experience has something to teach you it will be drawn into your present moment. I call this the boomerang effect. Learn from it. What is it trying to teach you? What is it revealing about yourself, your desires, and the lessons you have yet to learn?

You can think of spiritual growth and transformation as having two phases, linear and exponential. In the beginning we are either standing still or barely moving forward. We have not awakened to our nature as infinite spiritual beings and are identified completely with form. This is where we all start, this life or another.

Then slowly but surely the needle is grasped and there is a dawning realization that there is a reality beyond the five senses and that you are more than this body. This is the beginning of the spiritual path. At first this may manifest as superstition and even fear of unseen forces. But over the course of lifetimes we begin to develop an intimate relationship with spirit, and discern practices that deepen and accelerate our growth and transformation.

This is where most of us are. We have awakened and are doing the work. We are doing effective spiritual practices. We aren’t perfect but we are striving to be better than we were yesterday and the day before. Sometimes we revisit old patterns and behaviors we thought we had outgrown, but each time we do they have less and less of a hold on us. Soon we will transcend them completely.

We are striving. We are in the accelerating linear growth phase. It is an upward trending line towards more consciousness, more light, more love, more joy and more peace. Maybe it isn’t happening as fast as we would like, but it’s happening.

This phase of the journey is incredibly important and prepares us for what comes next. During the striving phase we develop our will and faith to move towards the light. We develop the habits that facilitate growth, and slowly but surely become the person capable of achieving and sustaining exponential growth.

When success finds us quickly we often struggle to maintain it. Overnight fame or fortune has ruined the lives of many. Many people who win the lottery and go from rags to riches often lose it all within a few years and are back to where they started, because they skipped the striving phase. They skipped the part where you develop the discipline and habits necessary to maintain that level of abundance. So they dissipate the excess money as quickly as possible until they revert back to a state of abundance compatible with their state of consciousness. The purpose of these sort of experiences is contrast. Whether it is sudden riches or sudden awakening, these experiences teach us what is possible and inspire us to strive to become the sort of person that can sustain that state of being.

Continue striving. Continue transforming. Continue doing the effective spiritual practices that facilitate growth and transformation. When you revisit old lessons witness and learn whatever they still have to teach you, if you do you will eventually transcend them. You are growing your capacity to be more and do more. You are on the upward linear growth curve that will eventually become exponential.

As you progress on the spiritual path you build spiritual momentum. Growth accelerates and ultimately becomes exponential. Those small victories add up. Keep going!