The longing for the beloved community arises whenever we start dreaming the more beautiful world. The beloved community is community based on love and soul connection, not tribal identity. We all carry the memory of the beloved community with us from prior incarnations, and it is very different from the world we find ourselves in.

We remember what community, family, and relationships should look like. We remember deep and profound intimacy. We remember what it was like to have a family of soul mates, a tribe of soul mates, a city, a country…a world of soul mates. Many of us remember a richness of love and depth of relationship that makes our current lives feel sad and lonely.

Awakening means no longer settling for superficial relationships. It means longing for beloved soul and heart based community. As we awaken our interests and values change. The interests that use to be common ground with old friends and family start to fade. We realize that many of our friendships were based on judging others and not loving them. This is the contraction phase of the awakening process. As we pull away from those things that are no longer in alignment with us life can feel lonely and our worlds can feel quite small.

However, this contraction phase is part of the birthing process for our new life and new self. We are clearing the deck and energetic space for new relationships built on the foundation of soul and heart connection to come through.

The Bible says that where two or more are gathered in God’s name there he is. The Law of One says there is an energetic squaring effect when two or more gather in mutual seeking of the One Infinite Creator. So that the mutual seeking of two has the energetic power of four people seeking individually. There is power in spiritual community. When two or more gather to seek god with open heart and minds we generate a new field of awareness where new possibilities exist.

 I’ve had the pleasure over the years of attending a number of retreats with 40 to 50 people of whom 90% or more had open hearts and awakened kundalini energy. During those retreats New Earth became viscerally manifest. The collective power of the morphogenic field generated during our days together recharged and transformed everyone in attendance. Miracles became common place. We became more than the sum of our parts. Our energy was squared. Instead of 50 open hearts we generated the spiritual power of twenty-five hundred.

An old Buddhist saying is that the next Buddha is the sangha, which means the spiritual community. We who are awakening and opening our hearts are the next Buddha. We don’t have to birth the New Earth alone. This will be a collective effort. No one person will save us. We will save one another in community. Together we will heal, transform, ascend, and birth a New Earth.

Over the last decade I’ve found that nearly everyone I’ve met who has been on the spiritual path for any amount of time is nursing the dream and vision of some form of the beloved community.  They want to start a meditation group, online forum, or intentional community. They sense deep in their soul that we need one another to dream the more beautiful world into reality.

Each of us is called to do our part in manifesting the beloved community. It starts with a clear and balanced solar plexus. Before the beloved community comes the peaceful community. The balanced and clear solar plexus requires us to be at peace with everyone in our lives and wish them well. Competition, resentment, and judgment must be dealt with and released to make way for love.

Once we are at peace with ourselves and others we start looking for our soul tribe. It can start online. Maybe that is how we find one another at first. But that is training wheels for what comes next. There is no substitute for two hearts or more beating in proximity to one another.

Odds are there is at least one person in your life with whom you have a soul connection and can start building beloved community. You don’t need to have the same words and concepts for talking about spirit. You just need open minds and open hearts. You both need to be at peace with yourselves and one another. You need to be willing to be vulnerable and authentic with one another. You both just need to want to know and love god together.

That is all it takes to start manifesting the beloved community. It just takes one other person, and odds are you are already know them. Maybe they are an acquaintance you have a connection with, but for whatever reason they have always seemed a little out of reach. A little illusive. That is just the energetic barrier to growth asking you to pay the admission. The cost of entry is your persistence and insistence on relationship based on connection and soul.

A number of years ago I began meditating periodically with an acquaintance I had felt a spiritual connection with. We were both hungry for that sort of authentic soul-based community. From there I formed other connections and friendships that all seem to deepen and expand by the day, as I meet their soul tribe and they meet mine.

The little community starting to gather around this work is the nucleus of a beloved community. It is starting online, but hopefully someday soon we can gather in person to manifest the New Earth together. At least that is the dream of the beloved community and more beautiful world I am nursing.