When you fully open your heart chakra you will experience omnipresence. Because love is not a sentimental luxury to be dispensed with when life gets hard. It is the fabric of reality itself.

The spiritual journey is one from the lower energy centers of the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus to the heart. As we traverse the lower triad we experience ourselves as a separate discrete being. This perception of reality is informed by our five senses, which constantly tell us we are a separate being.

We use those five senses to balance the lower triad and learn the lessons of being, personal power, and group power. As those lessons are learned and our lower triad becomes ever more balanced and energized we graduate to learning the lessons of the heart.

As we have discussed before humanity is working on graduating from the lower triad into the lessons of the heart. Those lessons begin with learning to love ourselves, then our family, then a significant other and any children we might have, and from there expands ever outward.

The lessons of the heart are the lessons of expanding care for other beings. It starts with ourselves and those closest to us, and expands outward to other people until it encompasses all other beings. There are many layers of expanding care that may include our tribe, our team, our country, or our species. But ultimately the circle of care expands to a point that it is without boundaries.

When our circle of care expands to the point of encompassing all beings and all things, we can experience omnipresence. This experience of omnipresence is experiential proof of the idea that all is one and god is love. It is also proof that all beings and all things are connected via the heart space.

This revelation puts love into a new perspective. Love is not a sentimental luxury it is ultimate reality. Our five sense which tell us we are a separate being have given us an incomplete understanding of reality. We are separate, but we are also one. Like god and the universe, we are a paradox. We are a singularity of being experiencing separateness.

One can experience loving omnipresent awareness when they are able to localize their consciousness in the sufficiently energized and open-heart chakra. Some people will have achieved this through the use of psychoactive drugs. Which allows you through the gateway but does not allow you to remain in the garden.

In order to experience loving omnipresent awareness naturally one must learn the lessons of the heart and cultivate heart energy. The latter part can best be done through utilizing a combination of pranayama (breathing exercises) and metta (love and kindness) meditation. These simple exercises will help you open and activate the heart chakra and experience the loving omnipresent awareness of god.

Heart Opening Exercises

  1. Step 1: Breath Awareness: We begin our period of practice by internalizing our awareness. Since we are working with this heart chakra spend five minutes breathing through the nose with your awareness focused on your chest. Be aware of the breath as it enters through the nose, through the throat, and into the lungs. Continue to follow the breath with your awareness placed gently on your heart for five minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Step 2: Build the Fire: Once we have completed step one we will stoke the fires of our lower triad, which will later be brought into the heart. We begin by breathing in through the nose into our belly and allowing the belly to expand until it is full. Trap the air in your belly and hold for a count of three, then release the air through your nose. If you are able flex your pelvic floor as you breathe in through your nose and release it as you exhale. This will assist us in pulling energy up through the root chakra into our bellies. Do this for three to twelve repetitions.
  3. Step 3: Ignite the Heart: Once we have internalized our awareness with step one and built a fire in our lower triad, we will pull the energy up from our stomach to ignite our hearts. We begin by breathing in through the nose into our belly as we did before, but instead of filling the belly we let the breath move up into our chest to fill the chest. Once the air has filled the chest touch your chin to your chest to keep the breath from rising further. This is what is known as a throat lock. Hold for a count of three then release the air through your nose. As we did in step two, if you are able flex your pelvic floor as you breathe in through your nose and release it as your exhale. Do this for three to twelve repetitions.
  4. Step 4: Loving Kindness: Steps one through three have internalized our awareness and energized our hearts. We will now continue opening our hearts through cultivating the feelings of love and kindness.
    • Self: We begin by sending feelings of love and kindness to ourselves and to our bodies. Give love and appreciation to your body for being the perfect vehicle for your soul’s evolution.
    • Beloved: Now visualize someone you love and send them feelings of love and kindness. This may be easier than loving yourself but remember that you are one.
    • Indifferent: Now visualize someone you have neutral feelings toward and send them feelings of love and kindness. See the beauty in them that you may have overlooked. Remember that they too are you.
    • Negative: Now visualize someone you have negative feelings toward, perhaps someone who has done you wrong or who you resent and send them love and kindness too. Thank them for playing the role of the villain to teach you the lessons of unconditional love. Remember that they too are you, that they are your mirror.
    • Earth: Now visualize the planet Earth with its teaming life and send our divine mother love and kindness. Thank her for all that she does for us, give gratitude for all the abundance she showers upon us. Remember that you are of her flesh and that you are one.
    • Universe: Now zoom out and allow yourself to imagine infinity. Allow spaciousness to fill your mind. Zoom out beyond the milky way, that spiral of lights. Allow yourself to float in the void of space. Now send love and kindness to all that is. Allow your separateness to fall away. You are one with all that is now.
  5. Step 5: Home: Allow yourself to float in that void for as long as you like. When you are ready return your awareness to your heart. Breathe in deeply, allowing air to fill your heart. Allow that expansiveness to fill your heart. Remember that in your heart all is one.