March Ascension Energy 2021: Playing with Fire

In this March Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “playing with the fire of desire” which is a metaphor for navigating the ascended sacral chakra and discovering the fountain of eternal youth. The energy of this month is all about expanding and healing the sacral chakra, which is one of the most misunderstood and distorted energies in our bodies.

March Energy Update 2021: The Breath Between Words

In this March Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the month of March. For most of March we will be in the breath in-between words. A liminal space where one thing ends and another is about to begin. My guidance is to get centered and grounded in the body, let go of the prior creations of your old self, and greet the new with trust, openness and acceptance.

Discipline of Personality According to the Law of One: Discipline vs. Control

In this post we discuss the Discipline of Personality according to the Law of One material, and the distinction between discipline vs. control. There are many techniques one may practice on the spiritual path, however, in the Law of One the central technique for facilitating spiritual evolution is said to be the Discipline of Personality.

Conspirituality: First Principles Thinking

In this video we discuss the phenomena of conspirituality and the necessity of first principles thinking. Conspirituality is an invented term that refers to the confluence of spirituality and conspiracy theories. We live in interesting times when the official narrative is often as absurd if not more than the zaniest conspiracy theories.

Basic Kriya Pranayama Practice

Kriya yoga is a scientific method for opening the subtle energy channels, balancing the chakras, and charging the gross and subtle bodies with prana. As we persist in kriya yoga practice our awareness becomes progressively more interiorized in the spinal column or sushumna nadi. As we increase the flow of prana through the sushumna nadi our upper energy centers become progressively more energized, which culminates in god and self-realization.

Druids vs. Transhumanists

In video we discuss the concept of Druids vs. Transhumanists, rediscovering a new and ancient story, and how living and dying well are more important than survival. A read an article a number of years ago entitled Druids vs. Transhumanists which has proven to be a useful framework for understanding the world. The article postulated that the emerging cultural divide could be thought of as one between those going back to nature and more traditional and holistic ways of living (the “Druids”) versus those seeking to transcend nature through technology (the “Transhumanists”).

February New Moon 2021

In this February New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the February new moon. Around this new moon many of us are being confronted with the limitations of our prior conditioning for continued growth. The masks that once served us and enabled us to navigate the world no longer seem to work. They don’t get the results they once did, and when they do work our success seems to turn into ash in our hands.

Ascension is Not a Rapture

What is spiritual ascension? Ascension is not a rapture. The idea of spiritual ascension has been around for a long time and exists in nearly every major world religion. However, in recent years the concept has found new life in the new age community. The traditional view of ascension was that it was something that happened in the distant past with a specific figure, like when Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection. Whereas the emerging view is that ascension is something that is happening now for the planet and all her residents.

February Ascension Energy Update 2021: Riding the Serpent of Time

In this February Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms Update 2021 we discuss the February ascension energy which can best be described as “riding the serpent of time.” Serpents do not slither in a straight line. They undulate in unpredictable patterns. In February we are on the back of the snake being carried towards the unknowable.

Preliminary Kriya Yoga Techniques: Preparing for Kriya Pranayama

The Preliminary Kriya Yoga Techniques are intended to prepare our gross and subtle bodies for Kriya Pranayama, which involves pulling life force/kundalini energy up through the center of the spinal column. Those who do not succeed at Kriya Pranayama usually fail because they were not properly instructed or did not practice the preliminary techniques.