June Full Moon Energy Update 2021: Whimper or Roar

In this June Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June full moon. We had a big energetic shift with the summer solstice and it is now time to either whimper or roar. Summer solstice was like the moment at the time of the big bang, when things shifted from pure potential to manifest reality. The timelines have been empowered, and its time to ride the waves of destiny.

Summer Solstice 2021: The Journey Is the Goal

In this Summer Solstice 2021 energy update we discuss the energetic themes for the summer. The summer solstice will be June 20th in the northern hemisphere, and the longest day of the year. Solar energy is at its strongest during this period, which often means a period of intense action and change.

June New Moon Energy Update 2021: Slow Down or Be Slowed Down

In this June New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June new moon and the June 10th solar eclipse. Stress is going to be at an all-time high around this solar eclipse and new moon. Job, family, and home life may all be experiencing intensity. This solar eclipse is like a hard reset. You may feel like a computer overheating, juddering to a stop, then rebooting with a clean slate from a higher perspective.

Feeling the Pressure: Discomfort and Spiritual Growth

A lot of us are feeling the pressure of this eclipse season, but discomfort and spiritual growth go hand in hand. I’ve been dancing with discomfort and spiritual growth for the past ten years. Discomfort has become an old friend.

June Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms 2021: Surrendering to Lov

In this June Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms 2021 video we discuss the ascension energies for June. When I connected with intuitive guidance for the ascension energies this month the top of my solar plexus lit up, with the energy moving through the choice point at the diaphragm, up to the heart, high heart, throat chakra, and finally to start consciousness. The energy for this month is all about choice, embodiment, and aligning to the highest version of ourselves.

June Energy Update 2021: Riding the Lightning Bolt of Change

In this June Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the month of June. June is going to be a month of completion and choice. We said May was going to be the flowering of the new vision for our lives, and for many of us that meant the people, resources, and energy for the next version our lives started physically manifesting. However, May was really about the foundation for the new vision coming into our physical reality. In contrast, June is much more a month of blossoming and completion. For many June will be a culminating month and time of harvesting the fruits of hard work well done from previous months, years, or even decades

Christian de la Huerta Interview: Awakening the Soul of Power

In this Christian de la Huerta interview we discuss his new book Awakening the Soul of Power: How to Live Heroically and Set Yourself Free. Christian is a best selling author and has 30 years of experience as a speaker, transformational coach, and leader in the breathwork community. Christian is the author of two bestselling books, the first published in 1999 entitled “Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step.”

May Full Moon Energy Update 2021: Leap to Soar

In this May Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the May Full Moon. During this blood moon and full lunar eclipse we are moving from unknowing to knowing when it comes to the new vision for our lives. The physical foundation for the new vision for our lives is starting to come into existence. While we may not know exactly where we are going or how things will look – the people, resources and energy for the new vision are coming together.

Words Are Spells

In this video we discuss how Words Are Spells so we should strive to cultivate loving awareness. Our thoughts and words are very powerful. They define us and our reality. Every word corresponds energetically to archetypes and possibility/probability vortexes for your future. Moment to moment we are speaking our reality into existence and attuning to different qualities of consciousness. Be judicious with your language. Be a deliberate creator and cast a spell to become the person you want to be with the future you want to live. Don’t be a chaos magician and curse yourself or others with your thoughts and words.