Four Paths to God: Devotion, Wisdom, Service to Others, and Meditation

The path to God requires many layers of healing. Some people are more inclined to one of the paths of yoga than another, and that is where they should start. Dry intellectuals should start with striving for right understanding of God. Those inclined toward action should start with serving God in other’s through acts of service. Those with a contemplative orientation should meditate. Those with a devotional heart should praise God. But once established in one of those paths one must cultivate the others as well. Often the greatest spiritual growth is gained by cultivating the quality most lacking in our being.

How to Develop Spiritual Powers

The question often arises “what are siddhis” or “what are spiritual powers” and “how do I develop spiritual powers or siddhis?” Spiritual powers or siddhis are of perennial interest to those who are on the spiritual path or simply fascinated by mystery. The most important thing to remember about spiritual power is that they are not supernatural. Rather they as a byproduct of understanding and moving more deeply into alignment with cosmic law and your own divine nature. The perception of spiritual powers being supernatural is based on a materialist paradigm.

Living a High Vibe Life with Raja Yoga

In the spiritual and new age community the question often arises “how to live a high vibe life?” The answers to this question vary greatly depending on the source and tradition of the one answering, and a lot of the information tends to be contradictory. Over the years the structure of my spiritual path has largely been informed by Ashtanga or Raja Yoga as articulated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Meeting My Guru

As a child growing up in the Appalachian mountains I longed for a guru or wise sage to help me remember the truths that I felt buried in my being just out of reach. But none was forthcoming. I had an innate love of god and sense that god was indwelling, omnipresent, and transcendent. But I grew up attending fundamentalist Christian churches that spoke of god in ways I did not understand.

Coronavirus: Energetic Hygiene

In the Coronavirus Era energetic hygiene is more important than ever. Keeping your vibration high helps keep your body healthy.

Purpose of Life: Joy and Ever New Bliss

Life is meant to be joyful. Life is meant to be blissful. Our excitement and joy are sign posts along the spiritual path. They tell us what we need to experience next for the evolution of our souls. Follow the breadcrumbs of your joy and you will find the purpose of life.

Heaven/4D/5D: Realized then Shared

People often get confused by the different terms for heaven, 4th density, 4th dimension, and 5th dimension but they all refer to the same thing. Heaven is something that is realized through the awakening of our own hearts, that once opened are shared with others.

Kundalini Awakening Explained

Since many people are experiencing kundalini awakening/kundalini rising experiences at this time I decided to do a video explaining what it means and what it might look like. We start with an overview of the seven chakras and the progression from an awareness predominated by the solar plexus and the separate self to the heart and an awareness of unity and interconnection.