A Christmas Message 2020

The second coming of Christ Consciousness is upon us, and it is being born through our own awakening hearts. The Christmas star shines in the night sky, and we await the returning of the sun. The sun and Christ have been synonymous since early Christianity, and Jesus is often portrayed as a solar deity.

Open Source Spirituality

In this video we will be discussing open-source spirituality. It has become increasingly popular for people to identify as “spiritual but not religious.” I myself have studied and practiced many of the world’s spiritual traditions and have benefited greatly from their wisdom. However, I’ve never been able to choose just one or close myself off to truth from different sources.

How Do Spiritual People Deal with Critics?

In this video we discuss how to deal with criticism on the spiritual path. Critics come in two forms, those outside of us and those inside of us. Those outside of us only have as much power over us as our inner critic gives them. Outer critics only really impact us when they say something that rings true with the inner critic

Releasing Judgment When Everything is Horrible

Releasing judgment when everything is horrible is challenging, but imperative. When we look at the world with our analytical mind things can feel hopeless. The pandemic is a persistent problem with no end in sight. The economy is a wreck, and the existential threat of climate change becomes ever more difficult to ignore.

Your Life is Your Path: Stop Wishing for a Better Past

Your life is your path, stop needing a better past. Many of us think of our lives in terms of “after awakening” and “before awakening.” Often after awakening we look back at the decisions we made before our spiritual awakening with regret and spend years after our awakening digging ourselves out of the karmic morass of our pre-awakening decisions.

Skillful Use of Sexual Energy

The skillful use of sexual energy is one of the most important things we can cultivate on the spiritual path, but it is rarely talked about. The vital creative energy of the sacral chakra is a force unto itself. It is the energy of life, birth, and renewal. Yet it is often pushed to the periphery. A source of shame, guilt and self-denial.