Finding the Inner Teacher: Living a Spirit Led Life

In this video we discuss finding the inner teacher and living a spirit led life. The path to god and self-realization is long and winding. We begin that path in darkness. Lost in maya, not knowing up from down, backwards from forwards, darkness from light. Over time through the lessons of pleasure and pain we start to discern up, forwards, and light. At that point we are able to start moving out of darkness and upward towards the light of ever greater self-realization.

Open Source Spirituality

In this video we will be discussing open-source spirituality. It has become increasingly popular for people to identify as “spiritual but not religious.” I myself have studied and practiced many of the world’s spiritual traditions and have benefited greatly from their wisdom. However, I’ve never been able to choose just one or close myself off to truth from different sources.

The Limits of Reason: Be Mindful of Your Motivations

In this video we will discuss the limits of reason and why it is necessary to be mindful of your motivations. When making decision we rarely have enough information to be fully informed. The future is often uncertain and all the consequences of any given action are usually unknown. We can spend countless hours on the internet researching the ins and outs of even the most minuscule decision in an effort to make the optimal decision. This information overload can cause many people to experience decision paralysis and anxiety.

Spiritual Awakening or Going Insane?

Are you having a spiritual awakening or going insane? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference because mental health crisis and spiritual crisis often look a lot alike. However, spiritual crisis or dark night of the soul is usually a temporary imbalance resulting from awakening consciousness that is eventually transcended. While mental health crisis can be the result of a more pernicious and long lasting imbalance in the mind/body/spirit complex that is more difficult to remediate.

How to Protect Your Peace and Energy: Surviving the Metawar

In this video we discuss how to protect your peace and energy and how important it is to surviving the metawar. There is a war of thoughts taking place in cyber space and on social media. People are more and more polarized and everyone wants to enlist you in their agenda or view you as an enemy combatant.

Spiritual Growth Amidst Chaos: Hold Onto the Self

In this video we will be discussing spiritual growth amidst chaos and how it is more important than ever to hold onto the self. We live in an increasingly chaotic world. Those things that we once took for granted are no longer reliable. Many of us are confronting instability on every front; in our relationships,Continue reading “Spiritual Growth Amidst Chaos: Hold Onto the Self”

How to Heal Your Lineage

In this video we will discuss how to heal your lineage. As we have often said everyone has both individual and collective karma. Part of that collective karma is the karma we inherit from our lineage or family. The higher self, which is the totality of all of our experiences of every lifetime, chooses the conditions of our birth. On some level we choose our parents and family.

October Ascension Energy Update 2020: Crisis Strikes

In this October ascension energy update we look at the ascension energies for October 2020. The ascension energies for October are all about the root chakra and throat chakra clearing. Distortions and blockages in the root chakra are being activated and manifested into physical reality at an accelerated rate in the form of crisis.

Embodying Radical Sovereignty: Victim No More

A key component of the spiritual path is embodying radical sovereignty and being a victim no more. The small egoic self is a victim seeking security. The small self that is identified with its five senses lives in a chaotic and seemingly arbitrary world. It is a victim looking for a perpetrator.

Releasing Judgment When Everything is Horrible

Releasing judgment when everything is horrible is challenging, but imperative. When we look at the world with our analytical mind things can feel hopeless. The pandemic is a persistent problem with no end in sight. The economy is a wreck, and the existential threat of climate change becomes ever more difficult to ignore.