Spiritual Awakening or Going Insane?

Are you having a spiritual awakening or going insane? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference because mental health crisis and spiritual crisis often look a lot alike. However, spiritual crisis or dark night of the soul is usually a temporary imbalance resulting from awakening consciousness that is eventually transcended. While mental health crisis can be the result of a more pernicious and long lasting imbalance in the mind/body/spirit complex that is more difficult to remediate.

How the Awakening Community Got Hijacked

In this video we will be discussing how the awakening community got hijacked. This topic has been on my mind for a while and is one of the reasons I first started making videos on YouTube. Over the years I’ve witnessed the awakening community become even more polarized, divided and confused as the larger society.

How to Awaken People

In this video we discuss how to awaken people. In the Law of One when asked how to be of service to those who are spiritually asleep Ra says the best thing one can do is offer them the comforts of sleep. Because one can only be served to the extent there is a callingContinue reading “How to Awaken People”

Law of One: The Choice | The Harvest | Polarization of Consciousness

In the Law of One they teach that third density is all about The Choice. Third density is the reality we are experiencing right now. It is the density/dimension of the lessons of the solar plexus moving toward the lessons of the heart. As third density beings in heavy/chemical third dimensional bodies our five senses tell us we are separate self-aware beings.

Your Life is Your Path: Stop Wishing for a Better Past

Your life is your path, stop needing a better past. Many of us think of our lives in terms of “after awakening” and “before awakening.” Often after awakening we look back at the decisions we made before our spiritual awakening with regret and spend years after our awakening digging ourselves out of the karmic morass of our pre-awakening decisions.

Lion’s Gate Confrontation and Shadow Work

When it comes to the Lion’s Gate the only way out is through, it is a time of confrontation and shadow work. We can’t spiritually bypass that which it is catalyzing within us. The increased solar energy of the sun in Leo is activating our solar plexus seat of consciousness. This is causing anxiety and triggering unreleased traumas, particularly unresolved childhood traumas.

Feeling Stuck? Set New Boundaries

Our state of consciousness always expands and changes faster than our external circumstances, which can leave us feeling stuck in the wake of an up level in consciousness. Setting boundaries is crucial for anyone who is on the spiritual journey. It is the only way we are able to make the changes necessary in our lives to progress spiritually.

Awakening is Just the Start

Awakening is just the beginning, and the work is never done. Our initial spiritual awakening is when the real work of healing and transformation really begins. Before our awakening our teacher is karma, and we are so lost in maya that our evolution is rather slow. But gradually the lessons of pleasure and pain balance our lower chakras and begin to quicken our hearts.

Coping with Grief and Anger by Balancing Heart and Mind

As the collective spirals deeper into chaos and suffering I’ve been reflecting on my own reactions and feelings toward current events over the last few days. The spiritual path asks us to balance the bleeding heart of Christ with the clear detached Buddha mind that sees the perfection of the present moment. Each of us has a bias in one direction or the other and is seeking balance.

Understanding the Old Soul Blues

Many of us have been experiencing the old soul blues lately. The spiritual path can be lonely and frustrating at times. A lot of old souls have incarnated to assist humanity with its transition to the next yuga, age, or dimension. Part of our mission has been to incarnate onto a planet of mostly young souls and help transform and upgrade the planetary energy from the inside out.