Awakening is Just the Start

Awakening is just the beginning, and the work is never done. Our initial spiritual awakening is when the real work of healing and transformation really begins. Before our awakening our teacher is karma, and we are so lost in maya that our evolution is rather slow. But gradually the lessons of pleasure and pain balance our lower chakras and begin to quicken our hearts.

Understanding the Old Soul Blues

Many of us have been experiencing the old soul blues lately. The spiritual path can be lonely and frustrating at times. A lot of old souls have incarnated to assist humanity with its transition to the next yuga, age, or dimension. Part of our mission has been to incarnate onto a planet of mostly young souls and help transform and upgrade the planetary energy from the inside out.

My partner is asleep! What do I do?

What do you do when you have spiritually awakened but your partner is asleep? A lot of us awaken when we are in a relationship with someone who has not yet awakened. This can be a difficult situation and a lot of you may be wondering what you should do.

First and foremost, be empathetic. Second, be true to yourself. You have awakened, and that is one of the most profound and amazing things that can happen to a person. But don’t let it become an ego trip, that is just another way to go back to sleep.