February New Moon 2021

In this February New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the February new moon. Around this new moon many of us are being confronted with the limitations of our prior conditioning for continued growth. The masks that once served us and enabled us to navigate the world no longer seem to work. They don’t get the results they once did, and when they do work our success seems to turn into ash in our hands.

December New Moon Energy

In this December New Moon Energy Update 2020 we discuss the energetic themes for the December 14th New Moon. The themes for the December 2020 New Moon are that of (i) collective revelation, (ii) the split: truth or blockage, (iii) a return to purity and innocence, (iv) reality split, and (v) transformation through passionate action.

November New Moon: The Return to Purity and Innocence

In this November New Moon Energy Update 2020 we discuss the new moon energy coming in on November 15, 2020. This energetic corridor will be influential for the next few weeks and will characterize the energy for the rest of the month. The headlines for the November New Moon are (i) a return to lockdown for many, (ii) the beginning of ends, (iii) the need for retreat and silence, (iv) the return to purity and innocence, and (v) the beginning of beginnings.

August New Moon Energy Update: New Moon in Leo | Fire and Magic

There will be a New Moon in Leo on August 18th which is driving us inward to examine our self perceptions and dreams. Since the end of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 13th we have been in the integration phase of the Lion’s Gate energies. We have been like caterpillars fighting our way out of the chrysalis of the old heavy energy of our former selves.

July New Moon Energy Update: Sword of Truth

In this July new moon energy update we look at the energetic themes of the July 20th new moon. In our July full moon energy update we said that July was going to be a karmic bomb where we would be going through the eye of the needle and experiencing death and rebirth. This new moon also has upheaval and change energy tied to it, through what I am calling the sword of truth.