The Simplicity of Being

In this episode I will be discussing the simplicity of being and subtracting everything that is not true. Many people think of the spiritual path as being about acquiring something outside of themselves. For many people spirituality becomes an unending quest for knowledge, techniques, plant medicines, or teachers. Many of us are in a perpetualContinue reading “The Simplicity of Being”

The Limits of Reason: Be Mindful of Your Motivations

In this video we will discuss the limits of reason and why it is necessary to be mindful of your motivations. When making decision we rarely have enough information to be fully informed. The future is often uncertain and all the consequences of any given action are usually unknown. We can spend countless hours on the internet researching the ins and outs of even the most minuscule decision in an effort to make the optimal decision. This information overload can cause many people to experience decision paralysis and anxiety.

Mindful Use of Social Media, News, and Technology

As we purify our consciousness the mindful use of social media, news, and technology becomes increasingly important. That is because in a sense you are what you watch. You are tuning into the frequency of consciousness of whatever media or social media you consume, which causes you to resonate at the frequency of whatever you consume most. So be discerning about what you consume. A good rule of thumb is to not watch that which you would not want to be.

How to Be Mindful at All Times

In this video we will discuss how to be mindful at all times. We are frequently implored to be mindful, which is generally interpreted as being more aware and intentional. However, this interpretation of mindfulness requires a constant state of mental tension that is hard to maintain and actually contradicts the deeper meaning of what it means to be mindful.