Your Life is Your Path: Stop Wishing for a Better Past

Your life is your path, stop needing a better past. Many of us think of our lives in terms of “after awakening” and “before awakening.” Often after awakening we look back at the decisions we made before our spiritual awakening with regret and spend years after our awakening digging ourselves out of the karmic morass of our pre-awakening decisions.

Lion’s Gate Energy Update

This Lion’s Gate energy update looks at the Lion’s Gate energy portal from July 26, 2020 through August 18, 2020 when the sun will be in the astrological sign of Leo. The Earth is also aligned with the star Sirius during this time, which is a powerful “spiritual sun.” This combination of astrological forces creates a time of accelerated growth and transformation through the power of soul fire.

Channels and Mediums Discernment Needed | Clairaudient Communication Hazards

When it comes to channels and mediums discernment is needed. The internet is full of people who claim to be engaged in clairaudient communication with invisible beings. Through their communication with those beings they predict the future and give insight and guidance on everything from world affairs to peoples’ love lives. While this is oftenContinue reading “Channels and Mediums Discernment Needed | Clairaudient Communication Hazards”

July Full Moon Energy Update

In this July full moon energy update we look at the ascension energy of the July 5th full moon lunar eclipse and give you guidance on how to navigate this difficult corridor of energy. The theme of the July full moon is death and rebirth. The July full moon energy feels like a karmic grenade that is being set off in the collective energy to disrupt the stagnant careless inertia in our individual and collective lives.

One Soul One Truth

Diversity of opinion and social disharmony in this latter model is a symptom of spiritual sickness. The one truth and one soul has become obscured. Our minds are out of harmony with the will of god. Diversity of opinion is a sign that reconciliation with god and one another is needed. It is an indication that there is sickness in our collective body. It is our job to find harmony and discern truth collectively.

Solstice Energy Update: New Moon, The Fool, and Healing Scarcity Consciousness

The solstice is on June 20th and we have a new moon solar eclipse on June 21st, this energetic corridor has an energy of action and public rejoice. A lot of people will feel motivated to start new projects or resume old ones with a new sense of will and purpose. So the energy of doing and accomplishing will be very supported over the next few weeks. As we discussed in my June Energy Forecast this month is a month of doing, and this new moon and solstice are very supportive of that energy.

Awakening is Just the Start

Awakening is just the beginning, and the work is never done. Our initial spiritual awakening is when the real work of healing and transformation really begins. Before our awakening our teacher is karma, and we are so lost in maya that our evolution is rather slow. But gradually the lessons of pleasure and pain balance our lower chakras and begin to quicken our hearts.

Meeting My Guru

As a child growing up in the Appalachian mountains I longed for a guru or wise sage to help me remember the truths that I felt buried in my being just out of reach. But none was forthcoming. I had an innate love of god and sense that god was indwelling, omnipresent, and transcendent. But I grew up attending fundamentalist Christian churches that spoke of god in ways I did not understand.

June Full Moon Energy Update 2020: Fire Energy | Rise in Power | Purging Grief & Anger

This June full moon energy update looks at the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse for June 5, 2020. Full moon lunar eclipses are about the ending of cycles both big and small. This full moon has several themes that relate to us collectively hitting rock bottom. The arrogance, haughtiness and impotence of those in power is undeniable and on full display. We see those places in our lives where there has been false love. We see the weakness, pettiness, and blindness of those in power. We see their love of money and nothing else, and we find ourselves stepping into the unknown of what it is to replace it.

Coping with Grief and Anger by Balancing Heart and Mind

As the collective spirals deeper into chaos and suffering I’ve been reflecting on my own reactions and feelings toward current events over the last few days. The spiritual path asks us to balance the bleeding heart of Christ with the clear detached Buddha mind that sees the perfection of the present moment. Each of us has a bias in one direction or the other and is seeking balance.