Seven Densities of Consciousness According to the Law of One

In this video we discuss the Seven Densities of Consciousness according to the Law of One. In the Law of One material they posit that this octave of the creation has seven densities of consciousness that we evolve through. In this context density refers to the density of light/love or consciousness of a being or plane of existence. All individuated consciousness moves from first through seventh density in a cosmically long process of reincarnation and spiritual evolution. This process is sometimes called the science of reincarnation.

Discipline of Personality According to the Law of One: Discipline vs. Control

In this post we discuss the Discipline of Personality according to the Law of One material, and the distinction between discipline vs. control. There are many techniques one may practice on the spiritual path, however, in the Law of One the central technique for facilitating spiritual evolution is said to be the Discipline of Personality.

The Harvest: Humanity’s Three Way Split

In this video we discuss The Harvest: Humanity’s Three Way Split. In the Law of One they describe the Earth’s transition from third density to fourth density as the Harvest. During the Harvest soul’s will choose to polarize their consciousness or remain in the sinkhole of indifference. Those who polarize positively will remain on Earth for their fourth density cycle of incarnations. Those who polarize negatively will graduate to a fourth density negative planet. While the majority of people who have not made the choice will repeat third density on a different plant.

Defense Against Negative Greetings

In this video we discuss defense against negative greetings. What are negative greetings? What is a psychic attack? How do you defend against a negative greeting or psychic attack? Third density is the density of choice. It is here that we choose either to be of service to others or service to self. All subsequent densities or dimensions are a refinement of the choice we make in third density.

Law of One: The Choice | The Harvest | Polarization of Consciousness

In the Law of One they teach that third density is all about The Choice. Third density is the reality we are experiencing right now. It is the density/dimension of the lessons of the solar plexus moving toward the lessons of the heart. As third density beings in heavy/chemical third dimensional bodies our five senses tell us we are separate self-aware beings.

Guided Meditation: Flame of Resurrection

In this guided meditation we travel to the Temple of Resurrection to attune with the Resurrection Flame. The Resurrection Flame is a creation energy that ushers in the rebirth and resurrection of life we see in the Spring. It waxes for the forty days before Easter and reaches its climax on Easter day. Jesus isContinue reading “Guided Meditation: Flame of Resurrection”