July Ascension Symptoms Update: Trapped Between Dimensions

In recent weeks I’ve noticed an increase in the ascension symptoms of dizziness and nausea in a lot of people. This is particularly interesting because as I’ve connected with people experiencing these symptoms I’ve noticed buzzing at the third eye, and a sense that the person is energetically stuck between dimensions.

May Full Moon 2020: Mass Kundalini Awakening, Duality, Ascension Symptoms

“The May full moon is the last of three super full moons which makeup an ascension corridor. This full moon is a major opportunity for growth and will be accelerating the duality energy on the planet. For those who are asleep there will be an amplification of reflecting on past happiness, joy, and mourning what has been lost. There will also be an amplification in attachment and clinging to what remains, whether it be career, relationships, possessions, or money…

Those who do not surrender to the void will find themselves confused and angry. Those who have awakened and been doing the work will be set apart from the chaotic energy of this full moon. They will instead experience its energy as purifying transformation that is bringing them back into divine union with their own soul.”

Purpose of Life: Joy and Ever New Bliss

Life is meant to be joyful. Life is meant to be blissful. Our excitement and joy are sign posts along the spiritual path. They tell us what we need to experience next for the evolution of our souls. Follow the breadcrumbs of your joy and you will find the purpose of life.

Heaven/4D/5D: Realized then Shared

People often get confused by the different terms for heaven, 4th density, 4th dimension, and 5th dimension but they all refer to the same thing. Heaven is something that is realized through the awakening of our own hearts, that once opened are shared with others.

Kundalini Awakening Explained

Since many people are experiencing kundalini awakening/kundalini rising experiences at this time I decided to do a video explaining what it means and what it might look like. We start with an overview of the seven chakras and the progression from an awareness predominated by the solar plexus and the separate self to the heart and an awareness of unity and interconnection.