Introduction to Kriya Yoga Lifestyle: A Path of Internal Purification

In this Introduction to Kriya Yoga Lifestyle we discuss Kriya Yoga as a path of internal purification. As we’ve discussed previously at least 70% of your success on the Kriya Yoga path depends on lifestyle and observance of the yamas and niyamas. The Kriya Yoga techniques are highly effective methods for purifying the gross and subtle bodies so that soul awareness may shine through. However, to enjoy its greatest benefits one must reduce to a minimum the amount of new karma and pollution or impressions accrued in the gross and subtle bodies.

Advanced Kriya Pranayama II & III

In this Kriya Yoga video I demonstrate the advanced Kriya pranayama techniques, sometimes referred to as Kriya Pranayama II and III. However, these advanced Kriya pranayama techniques are only effective once you have gained a certain level of mastery using the basic Kriya pranayama technique (a/k/a Kriya Pranayama I).

How to Transcend the Ego through Kriya Yoga

In this video we discuss how to transcend the ego through Kriya Yoga. The ego is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects in spirituality. Many of us find ourselves in the paradox of believing we need an ego to survive in the world, but at the same time recognize we need to destroy the ego in order to progress spiritually. This belief around ego puts spirituality and the world at odds, causing many to believe they must retreat from the world in order to be spiritual. Worse perhaps, those who cannot easily withdraw from the world may think they cannot pursue spirituality because they need their ego to survive and carry out their duties. So spirituality becomes something they will pursue “someday” when they have the time and leisure to do so.

Basic Kriya Pranayama Practice

Kriya yoga is a scientific method for opening the subtle energy channels, balancing the chakras, and charging the gross and subtle bodies with prana. As we persist in kriya yoga practice our awareness becomes progressively more interiorized in the spinal column or sushumna nadi. As we increase the flow of prana through the sushumna nadi our upper energy centers become progressively more energized, which culminates in god and self-realization.

Preliminary Kriya Yoga Techniques: Preparing for Kriya Pranayama

The Preliminary Kriya Yoga Techniques are intended to prepare our gross and subtle bodies for Kriya Pranayama, which involves pulling life force/kundalini energy up through the center of the spinal column. Those who do not succeed at Kriya Pranayama usually fail because they were not properly instructed or did not practice the preliminary techniques.

How to Pray Like a Yogi

In this post we discuss how to pray like a yogi in the kriya yoga tradition. Prayer is another one of those concepts and practices that is often considered old fashioned, but which is vitally important on the spiritual path. Dogmatic religions often implore us to pray, and may even encourage us to use specificContinue reading “How to Pray Like a Yogi”

Meeting My Guru

As a child growing up in the Appalachian mountains I longed for a guru or wise sage to help me remember the truths that I felt buried in my being just out of reach. But none was forthcoming. I had an innate love of god and sense that god was indwelling, omnipresent, and transcendent. But I grew up attending fundamentalist Christian churches that spoke of god in ways I did not understand.