January New Moon Message 2021: Finding the Inner Master

In this January New Moon Message 2021 we discuss the themes for the January 13th new moon. The themes for the January New Moon are that (i) the collective is at a tipping point, (ii) the awakened must find the master within, (iii) which is witnessing awareness, (iv) or become a slave to the mind, (v) in order to navigate accelerating change with grace.

January Energy Update 2021: Quickening of the Seeds of Karma

In this January Energy Update 2021 we look at the energy for the month of January and the December 29th full moon in cancer. The themes for the month of January 2021 are (i) deadly inertia for the sleeping, (ii) steely determination for the awakened, (iii) no standing still for the drowsing, (iv) accelerating change like it or not, and (v) embodying and grounding mastery.