Four Paths to God: Devotion, Wisdom, Service to Others, and Meditation

The path to God requires many layers of healing. Some people are more inclined to one of the paths of yoga than another, and that is where they should start. Dry intellectuals should start with striving for right understanding of God. Those inclined toward action should start with serving God in other’s through acts of service. Those with a contemplative orientation should meditate. Those with a devotional heart should praise God. But once established in one of those paths one must cultivate the others as well. Often the greatest spiritual growth is gained by cultivating the quality most lacking in our being.

Healthy Spiritual Relationships: Partners in Pain, Buddha’s Mind and Christ’s Bleeding Heart

This post discusses what healthy spiritual relationships look like. We all have people we talk to when we are in pain, but beware of partners in pain. This is a dynamic where commiseration turns into amplifying the pain and suffering and keeping it alive rather than healing it.