Tonglen Meditation: Transmuting Darkness Into Light

In this video we discuss the Tonglen meditation practice for transmuting darkness into light. Tonglen meditation is a Tibetan Buddhist practice of breathing in the suffering of the world into our heart, and breathing out love, kindness, and light. First we breathe in our own darkness, and breathe it out as light. Then we breathe in the suffering of friends and family, and breathe it out as light. Then we breathe in the suffering of the world, and breathe it out as light. As we breathe in more suffering and expel it as light, we alleviate the suffering of the world and expand our own light. Because the more love we give away the more we have.

Guided Chakra Meditation and Breathwork

This Guided Chakra Meditation and Breathwork is from my Patreon community’s March New Moon Meditation. This guided meditation includes a chakra activations and a kundalini energy activation, and concludes with five minutes of silent meditation. My Patreon community does two live guided meditations and Q&As each month. Zachary Adama Patreon: #chakra #guidedmeditation #breathwork

August New Moon Guided Meditation: Dreaming the New Self | Field of Dreams | Soul Tribe

In this August new moon guided meditation we step into the field of dreams and begin dreaming the new self. The field of dreams is a lilac mist just at the edge of perception. It is the source of creation, and the primordial mist from which our dreams are manifest. We step into the mist, into infinite possibilities.

Lion’s Gate Guided Meditation: Expanding Consciousness

In this Lion’s Gate Meditation for Expanding Consciousness we internalize our awareness then move our attention to our third eye. At the third eye we imagine a blue ball of light, then identify our awareness with the blue light. As the blue light of awareness we expand to encompass our body, then the room, dwelling,Continue reading “Lion’s Gate Guided Meditation: Expanding Consciousness”

Twin Flame Guided Meditation: Golden Chalice

In this twin flame guided meditation we travel to the cave of desire and drink of the golden chalice. As we enter the cave of desire we are lost in darkness, grappling blindly. Then we remember we have a candle and lighter in our pocket. We pull out the candle and light it.

Guided Meditation Violet Flame

This violet flame guided meditation takes us on a journey to the temple of the violet flame. The violet flame is one of the seven sacred flames and is associated with the crown chakra.

Guided Kundalini Awakening Meditation: Guided Journey to the Temple of Ascension

This guided kundalini awakening meditation strengthens your connection to the flame of ascension. In this guided meditation we travel to the temple of ascension and attune ourselves with the white ascension flame by awakening the kundalini serpents in the base of the spine. The more you do this meditation the stronger your connection to the kundalini energy will become.

Guided Meditation: Flame of Resurrection

In this guided meditation we travel to the Temple of Resurrection to attune with the Resurrection Flame. The Resurrection Flame is a creation energy that ushers in the rebirth and resurrection of life we see in the Spring. It waxes for the forty days before Easter and reaches its climax on Easter day. Jesus isContinue reading “Guided Meditation: Flame of Resurrection”