June Full Moon Energy Update 2020: Fire Energy | Rise in Power | Purging Grief & Anger

This June full moon energy update looks at the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse for June 5, 2020. Full moon lunar eclipses are about the ending of cycles both big and small. This full moon has several themes that relate to us collectively hitting rock bottom. The arrogance, haughtiness and impotence of those in power is undeniable and on full display. We see those places in our lives where there has been false love. We see the weakness, pettiness, and blindness of those in power. We see their love of money and nothing else, and we find ourselves stepping into the unknown of what it is to replace it.

Coping with Grief and Anger by Balancing Heart and Mind

As the collective spirals deeper into chaos and suffering I’ve been reflecting on my own reactions and feelings toward current events over the last few days. The spiritual path asks us to balance the bleeding heart of Christ with the clear detached Buddha mind that sees the perfection of the present moment. Each of us has a bias in one direction or the other and is seeking balance.