January Full Moon Message 2021: Future Under Construction

In this January full moon message 2021 we look at the energy for the January 28th full moon. Full moons are a time for emotional and energetic purging, and for cycles to reach completion. This full moon holds a profound sense of sorrow for many. However, through great sorrow there is opportunity for great transformation. Because it is often the sorrow that drives us to transform.

November 2020 Full Moon Energy Update

In this November Full Moon Energy Update we discuss the headlines for the November 30, 2020 full moon in Gemini. The is the last full moon prior to the Winter Solstice and is traditionally known as the Mourning Moon in the Celtic tradition. This name is apt, because this full moon has an especially strongContinue reading “November 2020 Full Moon Energy Update”

September Full Moon Message: Karmic Reckoning

In this September full moon energy update and message we discuss the dimensional gateway opening for the September karmic reckoning. Karma is not a bad thing, it is just cause and effect. The universe mirrors your vibration, and there is individual, group, societal, and collective karma. Karma is just the balancing of energies and should not be thought of as a bad thing. Even difficult karma serves a divine purpose and brings us closer to the realization of our true self.