February Energy Update 2021: Fight or Forgive

In this February Energy Update 2021 we look at the energetic themes for February. The major theme for February is the choice between fighting and forgiving.

January Energy Update 2021: Quickening of the Seeds of Karma

In this January Energy Update 2021 we look at the energy for the month of January and the December 29th full moon in cancer. The themes for the month of January 2021 are (i) deadly inertia for the sleeping, (ii) steely determination for the awakened, (iii) no standing still for the drowsing, (iv) accelerating change like it or not, and (v) embodying and grounding mastery.

November 2020 Energy Update

In this video we will be doing our November Energy Forecast 2020. Major themes for November include civil unrest and division in the collective, the need to find inner strength and stillness amidst chaos, overcoming addiction to negativity, transformation of darkness into light, and love free from fear.

U.S. Elections Energy Update: Boomers Last Stand

In this U.S. Elections energy update we look at and discuss the energies at play in the November 2020 election cycle. I’ve been resistant to doing a video on the U.S. Elections due to the amount of confusion and polarization around this topic. But I felt guided to talk about it today since it is so prominent in the collection consciousness.

September Energy Update 2020: Sacred Fool | Void of Creation | Confronting Codependency

In this September energy update and energy forecast we look at the collective and ascension energy for September. For those who are on the awakening and ascension journey in September we are entering the Void of Creation and Confronting Codependency, it is a month to have faith and be a Sacred Fool.

Lion’s Gate Energy Update

This Lion’s Gate energy update looks at the Lion’s Gate energy portal from July 26, 2020 through August 18, 2020 when the sun will be in the astrological sign of Leo. The Earth is also aligned with the star Sirius during this time, which is a powerful “spiritual sun.” This combination of astrological forces creates a time of accelerated growth and transformation through the power of soul fire.

July Energy Forecast: Moment of Truth

The consequences of our unskillful and naive decisions and actions in May and June is going to call in a temperance energy in July. We are going to start recognizing the ways in which some of the things we did in May and July were unwise. This is going to be spurred on by a sudden change in circumstances and movement in unresolved situations both at the collective and personal level.

Solstice Energy Update: New Moon, The Fool, and Healing Scarcity Consciousness

The solstice is on June 20th and we have a new moon solar eclipse on June 21st, this energetic corridor has an energy of action and public rejoice. A lot of people will feel motivated to start new projects or resume old ones with a new sense of will and purpose. So the energy of doing and accomplishing will be very supported over the next few weeks. As we discussed in my June Energy Forecast this month is a month of doing, and this new moon and solstice are very supportive of that energy.

June 2020 Energy Forecast: New Normal | Choice Points | September Surprise

The month of June will be the beginning of the return to relative “normal.” Businesses will be re-opening and people will begin the process of returning to old familiar routines. It will be a month marked by an outward movement toward activity. It will be a time characterize by a movement toward harmony and productivity for many.