Lion’s Gate: Healing of Toxic Masculinity

A theme of this Lion’s gate portal is the healing of the toxic masculine energy on this planet and learning to use the divine masculine energy in service to life. Mythologically there are two types of father archetypes. The first is the Blessing Father who embodies positive masculine qualities of order, discipline, and will inContinue reading “Lion’s Gate: Healing of Toxic Masculinity”

Skillful Use of Sexual Energy

The skillful use of sexual energy is one of the most important things we can cultivate on the spiritual path, but it is rarely talked about. The vital creative energy of the sacral chakra is a force unto itself. It is the energy of life, birth, and renewal. Yet it is often pushed to the periphery. A source of shame, guilt and self-denial.

Karmic Lesson vs. Divine Union: Spiritual Lessons of Romantic Relationships and Heartache

The most important thing to remember is that no one broke your year, you broke your own heart. The expectations and ideas you had about that person and your future broke your heart when they turned out not to be true. You were loving them conditionally. You were loving the idea of them and the life you thought you might have. Nobody has the power to break your heart but yourself.