August Ascension Energy 2021: The Great Sorting

In this August Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “The Great Sorting,” COVID, and Vaccination. As we discussed in our previous Lion’s Gate videos we are experiencing “The Great Sorting” by vibration of people to places and communities that are in alignment with their state of consciousness, and the two great sorters are COVID and vaccination.

Lion’s Gate 2021: Ascending Masters

In this Lion’s Gate 2021 Ascension Energy video we discuss what it means to be an ascending master and our increasingly crystalline bodies. In recent days I have felt called to remember that we are ascending masters remembering our mastery. This is the journey each of us is on, and though we may be at different stages we share this  common destination. 

Lion’s Gate Guided Meditation 2021: Transformation and Ascension

This Lion’s Gate Guided Meditation 2021 will assist you with Transformation and Ascension. This guided meditation came through during our Patreon community’s July full moon transmission. I felt called to share it so that all who may resonate with it may benefit from the transmission.

July Full Moon 2021: Contractions Before Rebirth

In this July Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the July 23rd full moon. The major themes of the July Full Moon are (i) becoming the person of your dreams today, (ii) getting clear on what you want, (iii) contractions before the rebirth, and (iv) patience while waiting for theContinue reading “July Full Moon 2021: Contractions Before Rebirth”

Lion’s Gate 2021: Timeline Shifts

In this Lion’s Gate 2021 video we discuss shifting timelines and the oneness, allness, and manyness strata of consciousness. As we’ve previously discussed the sun enters the sign of Leo on July 23rd where it is in its home sign. This results in a steady crescendo in solar energy, which lights up our solar plexus and soul awareness. This often manifests as purging of the solar plexus, and an increased awareness of the ways in which our life circumstances are out of alignment with our soul awareness.

July New Moon Energy Update 2021: Shakeup to Shake Loose

In this July New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the July 9th new moon energetic themes. The energy of July continues to be that of creation and destruction walking hand in hand. For many of us there has probably been more destruction than creation. But the good news is destruction is merely another word for transformation. Shiva is stomping his feet to shake up our lives and to shake loose that which is not in alignment and does not serve us. Sometimes things get shaky because they need to fall apart.

Lion’s Gate 2021 Ascension Energy: New Ten Year Cycle

The first of my Lion’s Gate 2021 ascension energy videos is here, and it is an interesting one! The Lion’s Gate portal opens July 23rd when the sun moves into Leo, reaches its zenith on August 8th, and closes August 23rd when the sun moves out of Leo. The ascension energy for this Lion’s gate portal marks the beginning of a new ten year cycle and the end of the one that began in 2011.

Summer Solstice 2021: The Journey Is the Goal

In this Summer Solstice 2021 energy update we discuss the energetic themes for the summer. The summer solstice will be June 20th in the northern hemisphere, and the longest day of the year. Solar energy is at its strongest during this period, which often means a period of intense action and change.

June New Moon Energy Update 2021: Slow Down or Be Slowed Down

In this June New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June new moon and the June 10th solar eclipse. Stress is going to be at an all-time high around this solar eclipse and new moon. Job, family, and home life may all be experiencing intensity. This solar eclipse is like a hard reset. You may feel like a computer overheating, juddering to a stop, then rebooting with a clean slate from a higher perspective.

May Ascension Energy Update 2021

In this May Ascension Energy and Ascension Symptoms Update 2021 we discuss the ascension energies for the month of May. During the May New Moon on May 11th we will experience the first of three harmonic waves that will be coming in over the next three months. We are in the storm of expansion!