Lion’s Gate: Crown Chakra Expansion

In this Lion’s Gate ascension symptoms update we discuss advanced ascension symptoms and the crown chakra expansion/upgrading occurring as the high vibrational energy of the Lion’s Gate portal that opened on August 8th continues to unfold. The Lion’s Gate upgrade energy came roaring in on Saturday, August 8th and has continued to unfold throughout this week.

July Ascension Symptoms Update: Trapped Between Dimensions

In recent weeks I’ve noticed an increase in the ascension symptoms of dizziness and nausea in a lot of people. This is particularly interesting because as I’ve connected with people experiencing these symptoms I’ve noticed buzzing at the third eye, and a sense that the person is energetically stuck between dimensions.

May Full Moon 2020: Mass Kundalini Awakening, Duality, Ascension Symptoms

“The May full moon is the last of three super full moons which makeup an ascension corridor. This full moon is a major opportunity for growth and will be accelerating the duality energy on the planet. For those who are asleep there will be an amplification of reflecting on past happiness, joy, and mourning what has been lost. There will also be an amplification in attachment and clinging to what remains, whether it be career, relationships, possessions, or money…

Those who do not surrender to the void will find themselves confused and angry. Those who have awakened and been doing the work will be set apart from the chaotic energy of this full moon. They will instead experience its energy as purifying transformation that is bringing them back into divine union with their own soul.”

May Energy Forecast 2020: Tower Moment, Coronavirus Energy Update, Karmic Endings, and New Dawn

This May Energy Forecast indicates May will be a tower moment for immature and corrupt leaders, whereas more mature and righteous leaders will be vindicated for their stability, wisdom, and responsibility. Vigilance is is needed. This will be a purification of our monetary, business and economic systems and an opportunity for renewal, and planning for the future.