March Ascension Energy 2021: Playing with Fire

In this March Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “playing with the fire of desire” which is a metaphor for navigating the ascended sacral chakra and discovering the fountain of eternal youth. The energy of this month is all about expanding and healing the sacral chakra, which is one of the most misunderstood and distorted energies in our bodies.

January Energy Update 2021: Quickening of the Seeds of Karma

In this January Energy Update 2021 we look at the energy for the month of January and the December 29th full moon in cancer. The themes for the month of January 2021 are (i) deadly inertia for the sleeping, (ii) steely determination for the awakened, (iii) no standing still for the drowsing, (iv) accelerating change like it or not, and (v) embodying and grounding mastery.

Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020

In this Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020 I discuss my experience of the December 21st ascension energy from the Winter Solstice and an give an update on my own ascension symptoms. The Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction was an opportunity for massive expansion and up leveling. The light codes downloaded during the solsticeContinue reading “Winter Solstice Ascension Journey Update 2020”

October Full Moon Energy Update

In this October Full Moon Energy Update we discuss the energy of the second full moon of October which will be occurring on October 31st. This will be the most important full moon of the year and is strongly linked to change and disruption in our physical reality. The overall guidance is to let go of that which no longer serves you, and trust that a bounty of that which is preferred awaits you when you do.

Anchoring Multidimensional Bodies | Light Body Anchoring

The September ascension energy is offering us a profound opportunity for anchoring multidimensional bodies. As the ascension process on this planet continues to unfold, we are called to make our hearts the new foundation for our lived experience. The awakening and anchoring of the ascended heart is the activation of the fourth density light body, which opens the doors to our full multidimensional selves.

Lion’s Gate: The Great Purge

In this Lion’s Gate ascension energy update and ascension symptoms update we discuss “The Great Purge.” Many of us have been purging heavy energy during the past week. It has left me feeling fried or microwaved. I’ve done a lot of fasting to help the process along and am drinking lots of water.

July Ascension Symptoms Update: Trapped Between Dimensions

In recent weeks I’ve noticed an increase in the ascension symptoms of dizziness and nausea in a lot of people. This is particularly interesting because as I’ve connected with people experiencing these symptoms I’ve noticed buzzing at the third eye, and a sense that the person is energetically stuck between dimensions.