April Energy Update 2021: Culminating Lifetime

In this April Energy Update 2021 we discuss the upcoming energetic themes for the month of April. April is shaping up to be a month of solar plexus purging. The solar plexus is our social self, ego, and ability to manifest in physical reality. We are our worst enemy this month. The mind and socialContinue reading “April Energy Update 2021: Culminating Lifetime”

Conspiracy Theories: Awake or Deluded?

Some conspiracy theories appear to be more accurate than others. But it is a complicated world with lots of competing agendas, so figuring it all out is pretty much an impossible task. The real conspiracy is that of consciousness, and the dominant culture that has reduced the world to dead matter.

April Ascension Energy Forecast 2020: Riots, Rebirth, and Resurrection

In defeat we will be given an opportunity for rebirth and resurrection. The ropes that have held us in place for so long are being cut. Yet those who have been slaves to the status quo all their lives will struggle to know what to do with their freedom.