In this Summer Solstice 2021 energy update we discuss the energetic themes for the summer. The summer solstice will be June 20th in the northern hemisphere, and the longest day of the year. Solar energy is at its strongest during this period, which often means a period of intense action and change.

As we navigate change it is important to remember the journey is the goal. Difficulties we may encounter on the path are not obstacles to our eventual destination, they are necessary experiences for our healing, evolution, and growth. The journey with all its difficulties, pleasures, and pains is the whole point of life.

It is important to maintain an attitude of play as we navigate life’s journey. When we remember we are just a spirit playing a role, our trials and tribulations don’t feel quite so serious. A lightness enters our being, and we recognize come what may everything will be ok. No matter the appearance of things, nothing can eclipse the fundamental rightness of our souls.

This summer is going to be a period of movement, inner and outer change. Sometimes that means changes in jobs, where we live, and life circumstances. Other times it may mean shifts in how we relate to our life, our attachments and our ambitions.

As we step forward into the future it is important not to cling to the past. There is no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. Sometimes we need to fall. Sometimes we need to break and shatter open. Don’t try to return to the former state. Let what wants to be born come out of the breaking shell.

As we navigate the choppy waters of change, endings and beginnings, we have a choice. We can choose surrender, trust, and faith or we can choose contraction, fear, and isolation. Do not withdraw from those who want to help you when things get hard.

Be nakedly authentic about your difficulties. We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses. We all have our part to play in the journey of life. There are always times when god answers our prayers through another being, or works through us to dispense grace. The answers to our prayers are often found in our beloved community of friends, family, and soul mates.

Share your gifts, and freely receive gratitude. Be honest about your suffering, and a sympathetic ear when another is in pain. Share your victories, triumphs, and tragedies alike. This is the circle of life, and the foundation of the beloved community. As you plant and grow this summer align with this divine economics of abundance and cooperation to harvest the new vision for your life.

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