In this video we will be discussing spiritual growth amidst chaos and how it is more important than ever to hold onto the self. We live in an increasingly chaotic world. Those things that we once took for granted are no longer reliable. Many of us are confronting instability on every front; in our relationships, jobs, and finances. How do we achieve spiritual growth amidst so much chaos?

The old certainties are no longer certain. Many of us have lived lives of relative ease and comfort. We have good jobs, nice houses, and lovely families. We are comfortable but not content. There has been a restlessness at the back of our mind. A feeling that there was something important that we should be doing, but we don’t remember what.

That restless longing is the soul reminding you to reconnect with the self. When life is too comfortable and routine the outward comfort can act as a spiritual sedative. Why go inward when outside is so comfortable? Like a big bed with a down comforter our life soothes us into spiritual sleep and complacency.

We forget why we incarnated in these human bodies in the first place. We forget that the purpose of life is first and foremost spiritual evolution. We forget that we incarnated in human bodies to reconnect with our divine nature, learn the lessons of love, and to be of service to others.

Many people on this planet have been living in the big comfortable bed of their middle-class lives. A quiet dissatisfaction haunts their thoughts. But they manage to sooth it with the comforts of sleep and the demands of the family. In this way many people have lost connection with their soul amidst the tranquilizing comforts of middle-class family life.

Fortunately our higher selves remember why we incarnated in these human bodies and will not let us forget for too long. Eventually chaos will strike to rouse us from our comfort. It may come in the form of our illness or another’s, the loss of a job, a house, or an election. Chaos comes in many different forms, but its purpose is ever the same.

Chaos offers opportunities for spiritual growth that were previously absent. Amidst chaos possibility/probability vortexes multiply and the narrow bandwidth of our possible futures expands to include the heavenly and downright hellish.

Chaos is the antidote to the sinkhole of indifference. It forces us to choose. Or at least offers us a loud alarm bell for waking up. As we’ve previously discussed the purpose of these human incarnations is to make the choice. We must choose between service to others or service to self. We must choose between darkness and light. We must choose between opening the heart to unconditional love or doubling down on separation.

As we transition as a species from third density to fourth, the alarm bells are going off. Chaos is increasing on the collective and individual level. Many are being roused from the comfort of their safe middle class lives and starting to remember there is something they ought to be doing.

There is no sin save standing still. You must choose love or separation. When confronted with hellish and heavenly possibility/probability vortexes choose what you prefer. The creator blinks at neither the light nor the dark.

Many people have been roused from sleep by political turmoil in the United States. Many people once on the fence…once indifferent and asleep…see the chaos, pain, and suffering around them and choose separation or love. Some decide to choose the path of power at any cost and approve of the outward manifestation of their own nature in political leaders. Others choose the path of the heart, which for many is manifesting as heartbreak. They look around them and see all the injustice and suffering and weep or take to the streets in their defense.

Yet even our own self-righteousness can be an invitation to walk the path of separation. Because for the heart to be truly open we must love even our enemies and pray for them. This is the tricky nature of form that leads so many down paths of separation masquerading as reunion.

As things get increasingly chaotic it is more important than ever to hold onto the self. Not the small self, its stories, grievances, and identities. But the true self. Your witnessing awareness. Your great “I AM” presence. Only when you are established in the self can you look at outward chaos with equanimity and love and navigate the possibility/probability vortexes born of chaos towards heaven on Earth.

So remember who you are daily. Meditate and shift your awareness from the small self to the great “I AM” presence. This is your true self. Remain established in the self as chaos spins around you. Know that you are imperishable deathless awareness, and that your true nature is peace, joy, and ever new bliss. Make the choice. Choose to be of service to others or the self in every thought, action, and deed. Remain awake and when chaos strikes you will easily navigate towards those heavenly realms and avoid hell.