The solstice is on June 20th and we have a new moon solar eclipse on June 21st, this energetic corridor has an energy of action and public rejoice. A lot of people will feel motivated to start new projects or resume old ones with a new sense of will and purpose. So the energy of doing and accomplishing will be very supported over the next few weeks. As we discussed in my June Energy Forecast this month is a month of doing, and this new moon and solstice are very supportive of that energy.

That being said a word of caution is needed. Yes June is a month of doing and you will have a lot of energy to beginning new projects and resume old ones with a fresh perspective. But the energy of the fool is very strong around this solstice and new moon. There will be a lot of energy to take action, but those actions may be somewhat naïve, negligent, and careless.

So as you bring forth on the wings of the energy of action around this June new moon and solstice try not to be the fool. Take a breath before you act and think it through. Exercise discernment and don’t act hastily.

This June new moon and solstice has a dualistic quality. The energy and desire are available to act, but in the midst of action you may find yourself overcome with uncertainty. You may find yourself engaging in negative self talk and criticism. You may find yourself doubting the work you spontaneously began which was supported by June’s action energy.

The energy of action is really supported in June. But the energy of naiveté is also strong. Mistakes will be made which will be realized in upcoming months. But do not be paralyzed by fear and uncertain. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Own your naiveite and strive for wisdom. Take action and be fearless but learn from your mistakes.

Detach from the drama of June and cultivate the quality of gratitude. Many of us are healing scarcity consciousness and the fear that we are not supported by the universe and will not have enough. I grew up poor in the Appalachian mountains and have spent most of my life overcoming that poverty. Long after I was financially secure I still had scarcity consciousness. I thought I had to work 60 to 70 hours a week to maintain my success. I thought I couldn’t afford vacations, joy or happiness.

It has taken quite a bit of work to shed poverty consciousness and experience gratitude and abundance. Gratitude is the key to healing our fear of scarcity. Be grateful what you have. Be grateful for the lessons you are presented with, whether the teacher is pleasure or pain. Have faith that the universe is conspiring in your favor for your highest good giving you the experiences you need to move on to the next stage of your journey. Be alike in pleasure and pain, winning and loss, established in a state of gratitude for whatever experiences come your way.