Solar cycle 25 is here! In this video we will discuss planetary ascension from 2020 to 2030, and how it is an opportunity to thrive not just survive.

The sun is the giver of life and orchestrator of our solar system’s evolutionary process. This multidimensional being is our local Logos setting the natural laws that govern our solar system. Humanity’s understanding of the sun is still quite primitive. But scientist have observed that the sun has 11 year cycles of solar activity where over the course of 11 years it goes from ascending solar minimum, through solar maximum, back down to solar minimum. These three phases last roughly three to four years each.

Solar cycle 24 reached solar maximum in April 2014 and has been on a decline ever since. It began in December 2008 and is predicted to have ended on December 2019. So since December 2019 we have been in a cycle of increasing solar sunspot activity. We will reach solar maximum somewhere between 2023-2026.

Many of us had awakenings in the 2011-2014 window because of the increased energy from the sun. The increased solar activity contains a lot of information that conventional science is not yet able to measure. However, the human nervous system is the most sensitive and sophisticated measuring device available to us when it comes to this type of energy.

I felt called to make this video because we have been in the midst of a solar storm. The kp (measurement for Earth’s magnetic field) has been over 4kp due to the increased energy from the sun. Many of you will be feeling it in your bodies. This may feel reminiscent of the Lion’s gate portal we just exited.

Solar cycle 25 is itself an eleven-year ascension portal. The seven years from 2019-2026 will be the most significant of those years in terms of light body activations, spiritual awakenings, and kundalini risings.

When I tapped into my intuitive guidance for solar cycle 25 the sense I got is that it will be the worst of times and best of times. On a material level things will be quite chaotic. We are in a planetary phase shift. That shift began in 2012 when Earth passed across the galactic equator.  This also marked the end of the Mayan calendar and beginning of a new era.

Others will know this as the shift from third density to fourth density or the fifth dimension. We have entered a section of the galaxy more dense in prana. This is what is means to go from third density to fourth density. The planet herself is in fourth density time/space and is reconfiguring to accommodate the greater amount of light/energy.

Our civilization, however, is still of a third density dominate vibration. Third density versus fourth density is the difference between the solar plexus center of consciousness and heart center. In the solar plexus we are self-aware of ourselves as separate beings, in the heart we remember our interconnection.

These heavy chemical bodies are of third density. The subtle energy bodies that are coming online are of fourth density. Those of us who can experience both are what is known as dual activated. Our third and fourth density bodies are online. As the integration and activation of the subtle energy body progresses some of us will be able to experience either density at will. Many others will not fully inhabit fourth density until they disincarnate from their 3D body.

Over the course of these solar cycles we will see progressive and accelerating change. That which is 3D will have to transform and break apart so that 4D/5D can be born. That can be a chaotic process. However, chaos is also a divine opportunity to realign your life quite quickly towards 4D/5D.

The old 3D structures have been holding many of us in lives that are no longer in alignment with our awakening souls. As those structures begin breaking apart there will be more opportunity to align with what is preferred. The future is unknown, but in order to manifest the best life possible it is important to align with the 4D/5D now so that when you enter the creative void and your old life falls away, you will gracefully realign to a life more in alignment with your dominant vibration.

When we gather with like-minded people we amplify the 4D/5D vibration through the squaring effect. Start finding those kindred spirits online, then in person. It is the most important thing we can do in the coming years save elevating our own vibration.

The next decade is going to be very rough and chaotic for those identified with 3D consensus reality. But for those of us who are awake and awakening we are going to have the opportunity to manifest heaven on Earth. We are going to do it by building joyous beloved community with kindred spirits. We are going to do it by creating little pockets of paradise. Little Edens where we will learn what true abundance really means.

Abundance is a full heart and emotional wellbeing. It is having time to pursue your passions. This isn’t about surviving, it is about thriving. Wield the sword of truth. Cut away everything in your life that isn’t true. Virtue is your defense in these chaotic times. Karma is swift and undeniable in 4D/5D. The consequences of our unloving thoughts and actions becomes undeniable. What you bless blesses you, what you damn damns you. Live a life of blessing and you will be blessed.