In this video we discuss Sexual Attraction and Spiritual Awakening, and how sexual attraction often changes after a spiritual awakening. The most significant spiritual awakening most of us ever have is the initial opening of the heart chakra, which brings online energetic sensitivity and a greater capacity for love and intimacy. After that initial awakening we often think of our lives in terms of what came before our awakening and what came after. This is also true of sexual attraction and romantic relationships, which is the most potent vehicle there is for spiritual evolution.

Sexual attraction changes after a spiritual awakening. Our pre-awakening sexual attractions are usually determined by the lower chakra lessons we need to learn in order to reach the heart space. So we are often working out our karma and may find we are attracted to conventional beauty and those who possess wealth, power and/or social prestige. The evolutionary imperatives at this point often relate to security, survival, procreation, and learning to harmoniously relate with one another. The good news is there are a lot of people who can help us learn the basic lessons that help us open the heart and achieve the initial awakening. For many people that may involve having and raising children together.

Things can get more challenging and interesting after awakening, the basic lessons have been learned and we are ready for a more advanced curriculum. For instance, many of us awaken within a partnership that taught us the lessons we needed to awaken, but after the awakening the sexual attraction goes away.

Fundamentally we are sexually attracted to people with whom we have the potential to do work in consciousness together to evolve. The root chakra draws in the experiences we need in order to evolve in consciousness. We are sexually attracted to those with whom we have polarity, and the potential to do work. At its most primal level that polarity is the difference between masculine and feminine energies (regardless of bodies), but more generally polarity is the capacity of two people to catalyze one another’s spiritual growth and help facilitate healing of karmic patterns, greater balance and wholeness.

Once we move beyond the basic lessons of the lower chakras we may find we are no longer sexually attracted to those who are unable to meet us at the heart space to do the advanced lessons. The advanced lessons include cultivating unconditional love free of the desire to possess or be possessed, engaging in open and honest communication that facilitates the sharing and harmonization of vibrations, and ultimately the sacramental merger of beings with one another and the divine.

Many wonder what to do when they have a spiritual awakening while in a relationship, and after the awakening sexual attraction to their partner goes away. When sexual attraction disappears in a relationship it usually means polarity at the root chakra has been resolved, which can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes that means we have successfully learned the lessons the mated relationship had to teach us, and are not compatible for the advanced lessons. Other times it may mean we simply no longer view the person as appropriate or able to do the basic work in consciousness “assigned” to us.

Whatever the reason for a lack of sexual attraction things can always change, if there is a mutual desire, willingness, and ability to continue using the relationship as an evolutionary vehicle. However, if any of those factors is absent the relationship has likely served its evolutionary function. That doesn’t mean it has to end. You can have a very happy and harmonious relationship with someone with whom you lack sexual chemistry or Eros. However, the relationship has ceased to be a romantic mated relationship at that point, whether or not it is acknowledged as such. Therefore it is useful to recognize there has been a shift, and to update the terms and conditions of the relationship so they are in alignment with what is true and alive.