My services are offered in the spirit of the gift. We will be doing soul work together, which requires more intimacy and trust than most types of work. I welcome all expressions of gratitude in whatever way seems appropriate, whether it be by monetary donation, reference, or barter.

Whether you express gratitude, when, and how is up to you. All monetary donations will be used to support my work. My offerings are freely given. I trust they will be supported to the extent they benefit others.

You can support my work by making a one time or recurring donation via Paypal to or by joining my Patreon community.

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling. Spiritual Friendship. Spiritual Coaching. Spiritual Direction. Holy Listening.

It has many names. But it all means roughly the same thing.

Whether you are lost in the dark night of the soul and need some light, or simply need assistance ascending to higher states of peace and bliss. I am here. I am listening. How can I help you?

I’ve been on a path of radical transformation and evolution over the last decade, and know how useful it would have been to have someone who understood what I was going through. But the traditional sources of spiritual authority were not up to the task.

We live in revolutionary and evolutionary times. Many people are awakening to their true nature as infinite spiritual beings.

If you feel called to work with me I offer myself in service to your spiritual awakening and transformation.


The most difficult and painful part of the awakening process is confronting and healing all the injured aspects of ourselves.

There are many modes of healing and I do not limit myself to just one. However, this particular offering is one that was given to me by a benevolent universe as unearned grace. So I offer it to you in the spirit of the gift by which it was given.

Several years ago I discovered I could blend my awareness and subtle energy body with that of others, and take a portion of their karma and burn it in the fire of God’s love and bliss. Since this initial discovery I have continued to refine and purify my awareness and crystallize my subtle energy body, which has enhanced my abilities and enabled me to work with the planetary crystalline grid.

When the subtle energy body becomes sufficiently clear, balanced, and energized the chakra system takes on a crystalline quality. The crystallized energy healer can channel large amounts of prana through their energy system, and transmute and harmonize any distorted energy patterns it comes into contact with.

The crystallized energy healer can also attune their energy body to the frequency of the planetary crystalline grid, which exponentially increases ones ability to transmute distorted energy patterns back into pure source energy.

This work is the culmination of the labor and grace of countless lifetimes. I offer it to you now during this time of evolution and ascension as a gift from the benevolent universe.

This is deep soul alchemy, where we work directly with healing your etheric pain body. It is psychic surgery, where we remove those things that are keeping you from being your true self.

However, I can only be of service to you to the extent you are willing and able to be served. If you choose to work with me, I ask only that you come with the intention of releasing all that does not serve you and the highest good.


You can also schedule an appointment by contacting me using the Contact form below.

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