Transformational guidanCE & COACHING

I assist people with shifting their state of being to be more in alignment with their true self. During our time together I will assist you with gaining clarity and insight into your life purpose and any obstacles preventing you from embodying the truth of who you are.

Whether you are lost in the dark night of the soul and need some light, or simply need assistance ascending to higher states of peace and bliss. I am here to assist you with reaching your fullest potential.

We only know our own perspective. Sometimes it can be difficult to see our blind spots and heal those shadow aspects of the self which are by definition not in our conscious awareness. An outside perspective can serve as a useful mirror to see the self more clearly.

We live in evolutionary and revolutionary times. Many people are awakening to their true nature as infinite spiritual beings. My approach to coaching is intuitive and grounded, and works synergistically with my healing work to facilitate rapid transformation and growth.

If you feel called to work with me I offer myself in service to your spiritual awakening and transformation.


The most difficult and painful part of the awakening process is confronting and healing all the injured aspects of ourselves. Painful memories and trauma often live on in the body, creating blockages that diminish the flow of vital energy. Over time those blockages can lead to physical and mental disease, and leave us feeling stuck repeating the same old patterns.

During our work together I will assist with releasing all that does not serve you and the highest good, so that you may reconnect with your divine perfection. All healing is ultimately done by the self for the self. The healer simply creates an opportunity to release what no longer serves you and to remember the truth of who you are. Ultimately you must choose to adapt a new state of consciousness more in alignment with your soul’s perfection.

We will be doing deep soul alchemy, where we work directly with healing your etheric pain body. It is psychic surgery, where we remove those things that are keeping you from being your true self.

I can only be of service to the extent you are willing and able to be served. If you choose to work with me, I ask only that you come with the intention of releasing all that does not serve you and the highest good.

Healing sessions usually last between 45 to 90 minutes. Most people require three or more sessions to notice significant long term benefit. Each session will delve deeper into the energetic pain body as we release layers of heavy stuck energy. I offer both individual and group sessions conducted via video conference, and do two group sessions each month with my Patreon community. During sessions it is best to be in a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.


You can also schedule an appointment by contacting me using the Contact form below.

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