In this September ascension energies update we discuss navigating dimensions. September is a month that in subjective time is going to feel like a year, so each day may feel like twelve. This compression of objective time and dilation of subjeective time can feel like hell or experienced as a profound opportunity for growth and evolution.

Right now you can achieve growth and evolution in a month that would have otherwise taken a year. Over the course of our days most of us interact with third density from a subjective state of awareness that fluctuates throughout the densities/dimensions available to us. Some fluctuate between the heart and solar plexus, others may fluctuate between the solar plexus, heart, throat chakra, third eye and crown.

A spiritual master can live effectively and interact with the world from whatever seat of awareness is needed. During this time dilation you will be experiencing high highs and low lows, and they may be experienced within a few objective time hours of one another. If you are experiencing these highs and lows don’t worry, you aren’t crazy.

If this fluctuation of awareness occurred over several days you would think nothing of it. The purpose of this time dilation is to help you learn how to stabilize your awareness in fourth density or above. That means in your heart or in your higher seats of awareness.

We have third dimensional bodies, and many of us are dual activated and also have dual activated fourth density energy bodies. We are in a transition phase between third and fourth density “objective reality” and therefore have these transitional dual activated bodies. Therefore, experientially our objective reality is that of third density moving into fourth.

This is experienced by many of us as third density objective reality of the five senses with an overlay of the energetic reality that is increasingly visible and felt through our emerging subtle energy body senses. That being said, many of us are able to subjectively experience densities/dimensions well beyond the third and fourth density.

That simply means the state of awareness one embodies in third/fourth density form may  subjectively embody the characteristics of higher dimensions such as wisdom, nonduality, or even absorption in god. Some truly accomplished masters are also able to activate their more subtle higher dimensional/density bodies, and therefore are able to experience those higher dimensions both subjectively and experientially (world of form). But those people for now are quite rare.

This September time dilation is an opportunity for you to stabilize yourself in the subjective density/dimension of awareness you prefer. Are you going to choose your solar plexus or your heart? Are you going to choose separation, anger, and resentment or interconnection and love?

September is the equivalent of a year’s practice living from the heart. Use this time well. When you find yourself pulled into a place of fear, anxiety, or anger move once more to the heart. Consciously breath into the chest and look at the situation with the eyes of love. See the one that is in all in the other beings, and ask yourself how may I serve the one in all.