In this September full moon energy update and message we discuss the dimensional gateway opening for the September karmic reckoning. Karma is not a bad thing, it is just cause and effect. The universe mirrors your vibration, and there is individual, group, societal, and collective karma. Karma is just the balancing of energies and should not be thought of as a bad thing. Even difficult karma serves a divine purpose and brings us closer to the realization of our true self.

At the societal level many of our countries have accrued a heavy karma. As members of those societal complexes we are not entirely insulated from karmic reckonings. However, our individual karma/vibration will determine how we navigate those circumstances.

Karmic reckonings are an opportunity for many of us to experience growth and renewal. A disruption in your environment creates an opportunity for new relationships and environments to come in that are more in alignment with your dominant vibration. The universe mirrors you. This is karmic law. Your vibration is your destiny. Have faith in that.

When the karmic reckoning comes do not cling to the past. Do not dwell on what is lost. Instead be alert to the gift waiting to be noticed. This September full moon is opening timelines that are reuniting us with our soul tribes. Through will and faith we will ride the choppy waters of the collective karmic reckonings to our destinies.

We will find our soul tribe, our teachers, and a sense of wholeness and contentment. On the other end of the chaos is greater stability, abundance, and connection. Now is the time to be your authentic self. Be real about who you are and where you are at. Evaluate and review the karmic patterns that have been playing out in your life. Have you learned the lessons? Have you forgiven yourself and those involved?

Forgiveness stops the wheel of the karmic cycle. When we truly forgive we enter the dimensional gateway into a new set of lessons and experiences more in alignment with our new dominant vibration. Your path is orchestrated by a higher intelligence. Be mindful of synchronicity. Have faith and trust that you are getting the experiences you need for your highest good.

The cosmos mirrors you. Your vibration is your destiny. What is the cosmos mirroring to you at this time? What within you still needs healed? What do you want the universe to reflect to you?

Be a beacon of light. You do not serve others by being less than you are. You do no illuminate darkness by getting lost in the darkness with those who are lost. Where are you being less than your true authentic self to satisfy others?

You have the most control over your own vibration. If you wish to serve others and illuminate their path shine brightly by being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Focus less on how you will serve others and focus more on the illumination of your own consciousness and vibration. This is the greatest service there is to others, and when you do that the other steps will become apparent.