In this September Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the September 20th harvest full moon. This September full moon coincides with the September 22nd fall equinox. Together these portals are bringing about major endings, and the shifting of our physical reality into a higher frequency of expression. A major theme of this full moon is integrating all the different aspects of ourselves, as we bring all the gifts, lessons, and skills of our past forward into the future.

Many of us have spent a lot of time daydreaming about the best possible outcome for our lives. We’ve envisioned the perfect lover, the perfect job, the ideal life circumstances, and the desire for that possible future is often the fuel that powers our transformational journey.

However, our daydreams about the future can only ever be projections of the past. The future by its very nature is unknown. Perhaps we can glean the broad outlines of what the future might look like by studying the past. But its actual manifestation into the present moment always has an element of the unexpected.

The hazard is in becoming too attached to our daydreams, and not recognizing our “dreams come true” when they show up in our lives because they don’t look exactly the way we thought they would. While daydreaming can be a useful tool for exploring what we desire, it is ultimately a function of the small self. It is a byproduct of ego and mental and emotional impressions. The higher self, which is the totality of our being outside of time and space has no need for daydreams. It is the byproduct of all experiences in every dimension and lifetime, and simply abides.

Instead of encountering life through the lens of our ego with its stories, judgments, and comparisons strive to encounter life through the perspective of the higher self/witnessing awareness. Simply abide in the present moment without judgments or caparisons. What is had to be or it would not be – there is no use wishing for a better past or present moment. We can only trust it is has a lesson for us and an opportunity for our healing, evolution, and growth.

This is important to keep in mind, because as we traverse the energy of this harvest full moon we are harvesting all that was good and useful about our past and bringing it forward into the present moment to create the unknown future.

As I have often shared I had my spiritual awakening about six months after passing the bar and beginning my legal career. My awakened eyes looked at the decisions of my former self with horror. The old self wanted to be a lawyer because he was chasing money, power, and prestige. While my awakened self wanted nothing more than to run off to the monastery and write poetry about god.

However, worldly commitments kept me in the world. For the past ten years I’ve been honoring the karma of my former self as best I can. Though I’ve often been in resistance to my path I’ve had a successful legal career while cultivating my initial awakening through study and the practice of Kriya yoga.

In 2020 my legal career was at a peak. In early 2020 I received a number of recognitions for my professional accomplishments including being named young alumni of the year by my law school and chairing the state young lawyer’s division. These recognitions were the culmination of a decade of making the best of my situation and striving to be of service to others at every opportunity.

Of course while I was receiving these recognitions the 3D world recognizing my accomplishments seemed to be on fire. Between climate change, political instability, and COVID winning at the “3D game” had a bitter taste.

Since COVID cancelled all my 3D plans I decided to honor my soul desire to be of spiritual service to others. Using my first and middle name to create a distinction from my legal work I started making Youtube videos and offering individual coaching and healing.

As this new version of me grew and came into being I needed distance from the old 3D life, and COVID provided a wonderful excuse. I cut those engagements down to a minimum and dedicated myself fully to the new higher vibrational outward manifestation of my being.

As things have gone back to “normal’ over the last six months or so there has often been discomfort between these two personas. I have often regretted that I could not leave the old self behind entirely in a clean break from the past.

Yet in recent days these two seemingly irreconcilable aspects of my being have started to find integration; as the lawyer and mystic work together to create a future more beautiful and magical than I could have imagined.

One of the most exciting things coming into being in my life right now is the opportunity to assist some friends with birthing a retreat center. Both the skills of the lawyer and the mystic’s heart are needed for this venture, and the path to manifesting it is the bridge between them.

Nothing is accidental. Every part of your being is needed. The new Earth is born not by casting the 3D self into shadows, but by reclaiming it at a higher vibration.

The key to transforming our manifest reality is not found in running away from what has been. It is the path between our solar plexus and heart. It is the rainbow bridge of faith between what has been and what is yet to be.

Through will, faith, and love all the masks we have worn throughout our lifetime can be melted and refashioned into something new. We are taking all the different aspects of ourselves and making a never-before-seen masterpiece.