September Equinox

Ascension Energy

September 6, 2021

In this September Equinox 2021 Ascension Energy Update we discuss the energetic themes for the September 22nd Equinox. The last several weeks have been energetically challenging to say the least. As we said in our September New Moon video we have been experiencing a major purging and upgrading of the solar plexus and throat chakras. This has caused the 3D aspects of our lives to feel very uncomfortable. However, this discomfort has been preparing us for something.

This new moon is bringing with it the beginnings of some really high vibrational new Earth energy, which will hit its stride around the September Equinox. We are building up to a tsunami of new Earth energy that will continue to build over the next few years.

As we’ve discussed in previous videos we entered solar cycle 25 in December 2019. The sun experiences 11 year cycles of solar activity, where the number of solar storms waxes and wanes over an 11 year period. In 2019 we reached the solar minimum and began the ascent of increasing solar activity. It is expected that we will continue this ascent until we reach solar maximum sometime in 2024.

The light codes transmitted through these solar storms is the means by which individual and planetary ascension occurs. The years 2019 through 2021 have been just the beginning of the planetary transformation ahead of us. Things will continue to accelerate as we move into the years of 2022-2025, when we hit solar maximum.

COVID 19 came onto the planet around the beginning of the new solar cycle in the Winter 2019. When I’ve connected with that energy, I’ve sensed that it is a manifestation of the Earth’s exhaustion, heartache, and pain. As we move into solar cycle 25 it has been inviting us to put 3D on hold, slow down, take stock, and attune to the incoming new Earth energy.

Many of us have accepted that invitation and used the pause on 3D to plant and foster the seeds of new Earth in our lives. The incoming energy around the September Equinox is fertilizing those seeds of new Earth and giving them light and life.

The 3D aspects of your life might feel really hard right now. Try to recognize it as the gift of contrast that is polarizing your desire to align with new Earth instead of damning it. Because what we damn damns us and sticks to us like glue. Only when there is neither push nor pull does a thing finally leave our lives.

Try to move into blessing and gratitude of those difficult 3D energies. They are your teacher and your resentment only amplifies your mutual attraction.

But more importantly, continue to nurture the new Earth energy in your life. Attune to it whenever you can. Maybe that means retreats, meditation, and walking in nature. The Earth herself is already resonating at the new Earth frequency. It is our human civilization and collective consciousness that continues to resonant at third density.

As the planet herself continues to raise her vibration and attune with the new Earth frequency, 3D will continue to fall apart. But the seeds of new Earth within us and in our lives will continue to be nourished and supported. Mother Gaia is eager for the new Earth to be born and is supporting us every step of the way.

Ultimately, we are being asked to consent to grace. We are riding on the river of destiny. Just stop trying to swim against the current.

When you feel resistance to your 3D life circumstances try to bless them and allow the discomfort to polarize your desire for new Earth. When the opportunity for expansion comes, consent to your transformation and growth. Push past your internal resistance and be willing to step into the unknown.

Mother’s got you.