In this September Energy Update 2021 we look at the energetic themes for the month of September. September is a month with profound transformational potential. As we navigate often chaotic and difficult energy, it is important to remember that darkness always serves the light.

When we think of darkness we typically think of pain, suffering, and villains. To our human mind darkness should be avoided at all costs. However, as ascending masters we recognize that darkness is simply ignorance. It is a lack of knowledge of the self as being one with god and everything else.

Our ignorance causes us to act in ways that deny our own divinity and the divinity of others. This creates pain, suffering, and cycles of karma that are all conspiring to help us remember who and what we are. All darkness holds within it a seed of ignorance, that we must reclaim as light by learning the lesson it is trying to teach us.

Darkness is transformed by the light of our awareness. It must be seen and sometimes experienced to be healed and released. Our collective and individual anger and bellicosity have their roots in fear and unprocessed pain. Trauma is so omnipresent in the collective consciousness that we sometimes stop noticing it. We simply think of it as normal. 

The karmic patterns of war and bellicosity have primordial roots in the collective consciousness. The “pre-programed” responses to aggression and violence tend to perpetuate both. Creating new seeds of pain and trauma that reverberate into the future.

As we play out these karmic cycles lifetime after lifetime the pain gets coated in ever more delusion until it becomes unrecognizable, and the karmic lessons become ever more harsh until we reclaim the ignorance in truth.  

The opportunity this month is to heal these old karmic patterns when they arise. The invitation is to transform darkness into light. Transformation calls us to cut through our illusions, break the chains of limitation, transcend duality, and be reborn.

The alchemy we are being called to do in September is to use whatever darkness arises to serve the light, and whatever ignorance arises to serve the truth.

When confronted with the old karmic patterns that have kept humanity trapped in pain, sorrow, and difficulty for generations, we are invited to simply let go. Let go of the preprogrammed responses. Let go of our own trauma. Let go and let the old self die and be transformed in the fires of adversity.

September is calling us towards a deep let go, deep surrender, and deep trust. The key to navigating this transformational energy is to remain centered in your own mastery. Allow yourself to witness and not get caught up in the drama unfolding around you. Hold onto the self as the world turns upside down. It is your only sure footing.

The non-dual appreciation of the ways in which darkness serves the light will be useful this month. Over the last several months many of us have been experiencing the inward drawn breath, waiting for…something. That breath will find its release this month.

The energy of the September Equinox is marking the physical end and transformation of many cycles. We will discuss that energy later this month. Until then, hold onto the self.