In this September energy update and energy forecast we look at the collective and ascension energy for September. For those who are on the awakening and ascension journey in September we are entering the Void of Creation and Confronting Codependency, it is a month to have faith and be a Sacred Fool.

I have been sensing September will be a big month for the collective since the end of May. In our June energy forecast we said it looked like we were going to be in for a “September surprise.” That possibility/probability grows more likely with each day.

September is going to be the most transformative month of the year thus far, which is saying a lot. In some ways it feels reminiscent of March of this year, in that it feels like the collective is stepping into a creative void where people will have an opportunity to create many different realities. The reality you create will be a reflection of your state of consciousness. Will your creation be born of fear or faith?

Though I’m not an astrologer I felt called to look at what is going on astrologically for September.

Currently Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in a stationary position.

Mars goes direct September 1st and will be in retrograde from September 9th-October 1st

Jupiter is currently direct and will be retrograde from September 1st-September 13th.

Saturn will be in retrograde from September 1st-September 29th, and direct from September 29th through October 1st.

As some of you will know when a planet is in retrograde its power is concentrated and it activates the planet’s corresponding qualities in our consciousness. Mars is quick, decisive, and restless. It loves freedom and acting independently. It can also be argumentative, aggressive, and violent.

Jupiter embodies mental and spiritual fire and activates attraction to spiritual thought, spiritual interests, and love of freedom tempered by compassion and justice. This planet is often associated with the guru or spiritual teacher.

Saturn is associated with restriction, sorrow, and limitation. One with a dominant Saturn in their chart will be more inclined to trust material realities than luck or god.

Additionally, Rahu (Northern Node of the Moon) is moving from Gemini to Taurus. The last time Rahu was in Taurus was in 2002, after the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. While in Gemini Rahu has created mental confusion. There has been a desire to know the truth of what is going on in our collective, but an inability to do so. As Rahu goes into Taurus thinking will become much more practical and grounded, and less lost in abstract speculation.

Additionally, Ketu (Southern Node of Moon) is moving into Scorpio, which causes the collective to rally around structure, comfort and stability. The last time this happened was also in 2002, when the United States created the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to make people feel safe. This was a trend that was seen around the world, as populations rallied around restrictive measures to increase their sense of safety and stability. So astrologically we are entering a period in September reminiscent of 2001-2002, which aligns with what I have been feeling intuitively since May/June of this year.

On the collective level it looks like there will be a movement toward action and abuse of power by those with established strength. There is a high probability that those aligned with established strength will be using their power to re-assert dominance by tricking the collective into giving them more power.

Out of fear and a desire for security the collective as a whole is likely to fall for whatever those with established power have planned. However, there will be even fewer than there were in 2001-2002 who buy into the offered narrative.

For most of us choice has meant deciding whether we prefer milk or cream in your coffee. In September and in the coming months and years choice will be about what you choose to do when the table holding the coffee, milk and cream is turned upside down.

Those who will be listening to this energy forecast are to some degree no longer identified with consensus reality and are on the cutting edge of consciousness. So the guidance for you is different. The fool energy is strong in the month of September. Many who are identified with consensus reality will be hoodwinked due to their naivete.

 But there is also the opportunity to embody the energy of the sacred fool and magician. There is an opportunity to be foolishly optimistic even when things look like they are at their worst. There is an opportunity to transmute apparent hardship into blessing.

When your world gets turned upside down look for the hidden gift. Maybe it is just outside of your sight. What do you truly long for? In the void of creation live with spontaneity, innocence, and trust.

In the midst of chaos move your awareness to the perspective of witnessing awareness and watch it all unfold with curiosity and expect miracles. With a sense of curiosity and wonder know that it is all unfolding for your highest good. Be optimistic and in a state of wonder and gratitude, even in the midst of apparent hardship.

I’ll give you an example of how this energy is playing out in my life. A few weeks ago I felt called to go to Sedona, Arizona. I’ve never been but felt a strong calling to go. So I started looking at airplane tickets and accommodations. Eventually I talked myself out of it because I didn’t want to go alone, and it felt irresponsible given the pandemic.

A week later I got an email from a friend inviting me to join him and a few others for a trip to Sedona in mid-September, during the same period I had been looking at. I immediately recognized this for the positive synchronicity it was and said yes. So I will be in Sedona in mid-September in the midst of what will likely be a chaotic month.

This is me playing the role of the sacred fool, living in a place of curiosity and expecting miracles. Why is god calling me to Sedona? I don’t know…but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’m in complete trust that come what may it will be for my highest good.

The seed of a new beginning and prosperous venture is being planted in September. It is a decision point. Will you choose light or dark? Will you choose hope or despair? Will you choose trust or suspicious? Have faith in the benevolence of the universe and trust that god is conspiring in favor of your highest good.

Concentrate on your own mental and spiritual clarity. Allow yourself to be innocent and pure. Allow the sword of truth to sever all that is false and binding.

A final note is for those who are in codependent relationships. The sword of truth is coming down hard in those relationships in September. Set clear boundaries. Do not allow your emotional and spiritual state to be dominated by another’s fears, injury and limitation. The spiritual path is between you and god. We are all on separate elevators. We can try holding hands with others who are nearby. But when the time comes for your elevator to rise more quickly than those around you, you have to decide whether to slow down, whether they can speed up, or whether you need to let go.