The red pill vs. blue pill comparison has become a popular metaphor for awakening in recent years. As you know, this metaphor comes from the popular 1990s movie the Matrix, where the protagonist Neo is given the option of taking the blue pill and staying in the Matrix or taking the red pill and exiting it into reality.

To have been red pilled or to have taken the red pill has become synonymous with awakening from consensus reality, while the blue pill is analogous to remaining asleep. While this metaphor has its usefulness it also has some significant limitations that mask a more complicated reality.

Having been red pilled or taking the red pill is a useful metaphor for describing the process of ceasing to wholly identify with consensus reality but is not synonymous with having awoken to truth. It is more accurate to think of red pilling as having awoken to a different program of sensemaking, that may or may not be a better and more accurate approximation of reality.  

As long as we are in a body we will to some degree be in the “matrix.” Absolute reality is a unified field of awareness that is a singularity of time/space. The perception of separation is only possible because of a program created by source that is a deviation from absolute truth. Source consciousness/god wanted to experience multiplicity, so it created the program of duality. It fragmented aspects of its consciousness by veiling them with layers of the perception of separateness with varying degrees of opaqueness.

This is the base code upon which all subsequent programs have been built. Each program has an inherent bias in one direction or the other, either toward unity or separateness. This push and pull of negative and positive forces is the creative engine of the so called Matrix. Without them there would be only the singularity of consciousness that is source/god and no creation.

The spiritual journey is a process over many lifetimes and incarnations of each individualized aspect of god consciousness dissolving the layers of delusion that create the perception of separateness and moving back toward re-identification with the singularity of consciousness that is god. Therefore, as long as we possess any degree of individualized consciousness we are in the Matrix and therefore not perceiving absolute reality.

Our filters for reality may be more or less opaque and may be better or worse approximations of ultimate reality. These nearly infinite layers of limited perception are why different people awaken to different realities when they have been “red pilled.” Sometimes the new reality they awaken into is more accurate than consensus reality, other times it may be more distorted. This tendency to sometimes awaken into a more distorted perception of reality is what leads to the so-called false awakening.

There are many false awakenings going on at this time. The negatively oriented actors who have manipulated consensus reality to the point that it has lost credibility are searching for a new program of sense-making that benefits their interests. Consensus reality is just that, whatever the consensus of the collective consciousness believes to be true.

For last hundred years or so collective sense-making and consensus reality have been largely defined by centralized media outlets, political institutions, and scientific organizations. The gatekeepers of the media have defined what is newsworthy and what is credible. This has enabled society to build broad consensus on most things and in a broad sense share a collective reality and common understanding of truth.

Unfortunately the malevolent/pathological actors within society have manipulated and abused this powerful and centralized tool for sense-making and consensus building to their own advantage. The internet is a decentralizing force that has bypassed the traditional gatekeepers and mediums of sense-making and consensus building. This has allowed information to come to light that contradicts the traditional understanding of reality and has revealed the ways in which consensus reality has been manipulated.

With the traditional means of sense-making and consensus building discredited and the proliferation of alternative narratives on the internet, the collective’s perception of reality has become fractured. Increasingly there is no consensus reality, only tribes or factions of people that champion competing narratives with varying degrees veracity.

In truth most people have been “red pilled” at this point. Most people have to one degree or another ceased trusting the traditional modes of sense-making and consensus building. The malevolent/pathological forces are still manipulating traditional media outlets to their advantage as they always have, but now they also manipulate the emerging narratives of alternate explanations of reality.

That is why we have seen a fracturing in the spiritual community in recent years into different camps and factions. If the malevolent/pathological forces can’t control a narrative they will at the very least try to distort it in ways that favor their agendas. But what is their agenda exactly? It is the same as it has always been, the accumulation of more wealth and power.

The so called bad actors accomplish this by promoting narratives that support their interests, sowing fear and hatred where possible, and creating confusion and division to weaken alternative narratives that threaten their interests. You need only look at those who possess great wealth and power to see what those interests are.

Some people think there is a monolithic cabal pulling all the strings of every agenda. But I think it is more likely there are competing factions with different spheres of influence, who cooperate at times and compete at others. Throughout history different factions have waxed and waned in power and influence. The players change, but the roles remain mostly the same.

The coordinating force for these different factions or spheres of influence is the spiritual orientation toward separation and service to individual self-interest. The greatest threat to their hegemony is the coordinating force of the spiritual orientation toward unity and service to others. As more people attune themselves to these benevolent motivations as opposed to the forces of separation and selfishness, the systems that maintain the power of the malevolent/pathological actors will lose credibility, power, and eventually cease to be.

We live in confusing times where sense-making and consensus building seem to be impossible. You can spend a great deal of time trying to ascertain truth. But as we discussed earlier, until you cease being a separates discrete being and your awareness returns to complete identification with source, you will only be able to perceive approximations of truth.

As you sort through information and try to make sense of the world, recognize with humility that you will never know absolute truth, and that you can only aspire to ever more accurate narratives and thinner layers of delusion. The pursuit of absolute truth is the work of countless lifetimes, and once you find it you become it.

As you try to sort through all the competing narratives and manipulated perspectives hold your beliefs lightly. Know that whatever you believe or perceive is only an approximation of truth. Let the absolute truth that reality is a singularity of consciousness experiencing the perception of separation be your guiding star.

Does this narrative have a bias toward separation or unity? Narratives that serve separation and the attendant emotions of fear, hatred, and greed will move you more deeply into delusion and away from truth. This is the false awakening many are experiencing at this time.

Look instead for narratives that serve unity and cultivate the emotions of trust, love, and cooperation, that move you more deeply into truth. That doesn’t mean a positive narrative can’t have bad facts. A positive narrative does not require you to ignore reality. However, it does call you to view reality through the lens of trust in the perfection of the present moment and the unfolding of god’s divine plan. It is a perspective that sees the utility of bad actors to motivate us to polarize our consciousness, and recognizing that reality still choses a positive polarity of consciousness.

Absolute truth is illusive and the work of countless lifetimes. But it may be achieved by persistent dedication to its pursuit. Being red pilled is not a one time event. It is the beginning of a process of awakening that is almost without end. Wake up each day prepared to die to yourself and who you were the day before, as you strive to be an ever more perfect embodiment of truth.