As we spiritually awaken many people begin playing in the astral plane. Anyone can access the astral plane. We all access the astral plane when we are dreaming. The astral plane is the time/space counterpart to third density. Many new age sources say we are going from the third dimension into the fifth dimension and are bypassing the fourth dimension. They say that is because the fourth dimension is collapsing.

This cosmology appears to consider the fourth dimension to be the astral plane. The more subtle realms of third density are moving into fourth density more quickly than the grosser planes. Each density has a space/time and time/space component. The space/time component is what you can see while you are awake. The time/space component is the realm of thought that makes up the astral. However, both vibrate at the level of third density. Which means both contain duality and ego.

The third density astral plane is a very crowded place and is in an even greater state of disarray than the third density time/space we see every day. The Harvest is happening at a very accelerated rate on the astral plane, because Earth has fully entered fourth density time/space. A fourth density astral plane is in the process of forming. The Harvest of the third density astral looks a lot like it does here in space/time, except it is much more dramatic and accelerated. There is a lot of purging going on in the astral planes. That which can align with fourth density time/space will move to fourth density negative or positive. That which cannot will have to find a new third density astral home.

The thought form denizens of the third density astral plane range from the angelic to the demonic and everything in between. As Ram Dass once commented, it is important to remember that not everyone without a body is wise. When many people die they remain in the astral plane for healing to either reincarnate in a third density body or move on to the higher realms. Others bypass the astral almost entirely on their way up the steps of light to their home vibration.

Many people will be leaving third density space/time in the coming years and entering the astral plane for healing and Harvest. So I expect the crowdedness and chaos in the astral plane will continue to accelerate. As such those use to playing in the astral plane, communing with ghosts and spirits, etc. will find it increasingly challenging to do so.

The third density astral plane is full of tricksters. When communicating with an astral being it is difficult to know if they are who they say they are. Moreover, there are many parasitic energies on the astral plane that seek to feed on the light of others. For this reason playing in the astral plane can be a stumbling block on the spiritual path, and has driven many people insane.

In order to avoid the traps of the astral plane I recommend aligning yourself with higher vibrational angelic/benevolent energies. In order to do that it is important to challenge any energy you encounter before connecting with it. In order to effectively challenge you must identify that which you would live and die for that is of the greatest good and most positive vibration and fill yourself with that energy and advise the spirit that if they are not compatible with that energy they must turn away.

Additionally, it is important to raise the vibration of your consciousness above that of the astral plane and its denizens. When you positively polarize your consciousness you can rise up to a level that makes you inaccessible to astral beings unless you consciously form a connection. If you are suffering from many unwanted contacts with astral beings this is your best defense and greatest hope for peace. For instance when your consciousness is vibrating at the level of fourth density unconditional love or above, anything that isn’t at that level or above will be repelled by your energy.

The third density astral plane is a chaotic place full of mischievous energies. Its fascinations can be a distraction at best and very harmful at worst. As we’ve often said siddhis are pig shit. Spiritual gifts are useful in so much as they assist your own spiritual evolution and growth or that of others. But they are not the point of the spiritual path and can often be a pitfall. Focus on your own spiritual evolution and growth above all else. That means clarifying and balancing the energy centers and moving ever upwards on the steps of light to full self and god realization.