We must have patience while awaiting the new. The old world is in a state of dissolution. Many of us spent years and decades waiting for this to come to pass with either expectation or dread. At times it felt like it never would. Often it felt like our wait was in vain.

However, the dissolution of the old third density matrix and civilization are well underway. Confusion is at an all time high. It is increasingly obvious that the third density state of consciousness characterized by the perception of separation cannot solve our civilization’s mounting problems.

At times change happens in an instant. Others it happens in fits and starts. At others still it is a slow inevitable unfolding that sometimes makes us feel like we are standing still. However, change is happening for you in your life. Have patience. Trust that it is happening.

Continue cultivating the inner flame of your consciousness. Continue to grow more luminous day by day. Do your practices and trust in the universe’s unfolding. Trust that change is inevitable, whether it be sudden or slow.

Things rarely happen on the timetable we would prefer. Sometimes we get glimpses of our future months, years or even decades before that future comes to pass. The wait can feel excruciating. But at the same time it is our desire for that future that often calls it into being.

Live life now as though your desires have already been fulfilled. How would you behave? How would you feel? Become that person. Live life now with the attitude you are already in possession of all that you desire out of life. When you do that you vibrationally align with your destiny and are magnetically drawn to it in time space. When it is time to act you will know. When the time is right, you will know.

Be patient and trust in universal law. Trust that the old must dissolve in order to make way for the new. Trust that whatever is happening in the present moment, whether it be pleasure or pain, is conspiring in favor of your highest good. Trust that the exterior chaos in your life serves a purpose.

Learn what can be learned from the past. It happened so it had to happen. It happened for your highest good. What is it teaching you? When the lesson is learned let it go. Do not regret the past. Regret is a wasted emotion. It wishes the past was other than it was. This is madness. The past is exactly what was needed. The universe makes no mistakes.

The path may be uncertain but the destination is ever the same. The universe is conspiring to open our hearts. To teach us how to love others and the self unconditionally. It is conspiring to teach us faith and will, and to remember all is one. Patience is a virtue. Learn your lessons with grace.