We stand at the dawn of a new age, and upon the threshold of a new Earth. Both are being born through our awakening hearts.

The spiritual path is one of remembering our true nature, birthright, and most essential reality.

Bliss is our true nature.

Peace is our birthright.

Love is our most essential reality.

Each of us is on an evolutionary journey of letting go of everything that is not true, and remembering that we are all expressions of the same infinite intelligence.

I offer myself in service to your awakening heart, and the remembrance of your true nature.

-Zachary Adama

Transformational Guidance & Coaching

Who is your soul calling you to be? Together we will listen deeply to your soul’s desire for transformation and growth, and strive to heed its call.

Shaktipat Transmission & Healing

Shaktipat refers to the ancient practice of transferring and awakening spiritual energy in another being. Depending upon one’s receptivity to the transmission, Shaktipat works by removing deep karmic impressions in the subtle body of the recipient and contributes to spiritual evolution and healing

Recent Blogs

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August Ascension Energy 2021: The Great Sorting

August Ascension Energy 2021: The Great SortingIn this August Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “The Great Sorting,” COVID, and Vaccination. As we discussed in our previous Lion’s Gate videos we are experiencing “The Great Sorting” by vibration of people to...

Lion’s Gate 2021: Ascending Masters

In this Lion’s Gate 2021 Ascension Energy video we discuss what it means to be an ascending master and our increasingly crystalline bodies. In recent days I have felt called to remember that we are ascending masters remembering our mastery. This is the journey each of us is on, and though we may be at different stages we share this  common destination. 

July Full Moon 2021: Contractions Before Rebirth In this July Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes of the July 23rd full moon. The major themes of the July Full Moon are (i) becoming the person of your dreams today, (ii) getting clear on what you want, (iii)...

Lion’s Gate 2021: Timeline Shifts

In this Lion’s Gate 2021 video we discuss shifting timelines and the oneness, allness, and manyness strata of consciousness. As we’ve previously discussed the sun enters the sign of Leo on July 23rd where it is in its home sign. This results in a steady crescendo in solar energy, which lights up our solar plexus and soul awareness. This often manifests as purging of the solar plexus, and an increased awareness of the ways in which our life circumstances are out of alignment with our soul awareness.

Introduction to Kriya Yoga Lifestyle: A Path of Internal Purification

In this Introduction to Kriya Yoga Lifestyle we discuss Kriya Yoga as a path of internal purification. As we’ve discussed previously at least 70% of your success on the Kriya Yoga path depends on lifestyle and observance of the yamas and niyamas. The Kriya Yoga techniques are highly effective methods for purifying the gross and subtle bodies so that soul awareness may shine through. However, to enjoy its greatest benefits one must reduce to a minimum the amount of new karma and pollution or impressions accrued in the gross and subtle bodies.


“Zachary is a fantastic spiritual guide and teacher. He provides a calming and reassuring presence for me when I need it.”


“Zachary Adama is a true spiritual master. He is extremely dedicated to the spiritual path and approaches his work with remarkable craft and impeccable integrity.

Zachary is friendly, good-natured, compassionate, and a truly wonderful human being. He uses his spiritual gifts to assist you with your healing and higher consciousness. I have (and will continue to) refer a number of fellow spiritual seekers to Zachary for transformational coaching and guidance. Every one of them has had a profound experience and felt like they’ve “leveled up” significantly.”


“I’ve seen dramatic benefits working with Zachary Adama as my spiritual coach and guide. His intuitive guidance, healing, and grounded perspective will meet you wherever you are and put you on a path of ascension. At the end of each session, I feel spiritually recharged and more equipped to handle whatever life throws my way.

Zachary is incredibly affable, highly conscious, and down to earth. As the adage goes, you can tell a spiritual master by the sound of their laughter…and Zachary has a great laugh!

Zachary is utterly devoted to walking the spiritual path and helping others “for the good of all.” If you are looking to deepen your connection with Spirit, Zachary is a phenomenal guide.”


“Zachary, he is a breath of fresh air, besides being a lovely human being, Zachary is intuitive and clears the “gunk” stored in the centers.

When I did sessions with him, I thought of him as a big beautiful dragon blowing a torch of fire burning away all that is not needed from all my energy centers! I loved working with Zachary and you will too!”


“I met Zachary one year ago in Sedona. I’ve had the opportunity to join his guided meditations in person as well as online. Zachary is deeply committed to developing his spiritual practice and sharing his gifts with like minded beings. I’ve never felt kundalini energy flow as powerful as Zachary’s. He generously shares his energetic gifts with others to assist in their emotional clearing and spiritual development. Zachary also has a profound knowledge of the power of andara crystals and the principals shared in The RA contact material aka the Law of One.”


“Zachary is a gifted healer and teacher whose diverse higher level of understanding is well suited for anyone on a genuine path of self-awareness and soul evolution. He has a gentle knowingness type of presence that creates a peaceful and wise guidance approach I associate with ascended master teachers.
His teaching videos offer practical insights in a relatable manner that are easily applicable in our daily life and chosen practice. I always gain something beneficial from his perspectives and personal stories. Additionally, Zachary worked with me through an energy distant-healing session where he helped me gain relief from an issue he identified and targeted during the session. I literally could feel the healing energy in heat form within my body while he performed the healing.
I am grateful to know Zachary and value the service-minded heart and soul he embodies. Thank you, Zachary. You are greatly appreciated!”


“Zachary is the most powerful and amazing healer, who works compassionately and patiently with an uncanny knowing of exactly what the root cause of any blockages are. He managed to shift some part of me that no other could! Thank you a million Zachary!”


“I have had the honor of working with Zachary during many guided meditations in person and remotely and have been on several Arizona healing journeys with him. He is a very talented and compassionate healer, and has surprised me with his abilities to tune in and illuminate the underlying causes of our issues and to help us move through to resolution-even remotely. He has helped me understand how important having a proper mindset is, and to elevate my thinking to move through some really difficult challenges in my life.

He definitely has the ability to help us get our chakras into better alignment and release stuck energies. The grounding work we have done has brought me to a place of peace instead of chaos. The techniques he has taught our meditation groups have been very effective to raise our self awareness and overall consciousness.

I highly recommend Zachary’s services. I’m a believer in the effectiveness of his work.”


“The first time I interacted with Zachary he asked my permission to do a ‘body scan’. I was surprised to feel that scan run through every energy, every cell of my body. I knew then and there he was ‘the real deal’. He has always been patient and kind with me. Working with him has changed my life in every aspect. My physical health has improved dramatically. It has only been ten months but I can’t imagine returning to ‘life’ pre Adama. Bright Blessings to you all xox”


“I came to Zachary with blockages and physical issues that I had been working on for years. Zachary was very compassionate and patient during my sessions with him. He listened and identified the sources of my blockages and guided me through a shift in my consciousness that helped me release my stagnant energy which was causing the blockages. He also gave me tools for my own development. It was a wonderful and truly helpful experience for my healing journey. I highly recommend him to anyone who is on the path of healing.”


“My first encounter with Zachary was thru a YouTube video.

The words he was saying rang so true to me that tears streamed down my face. I knew it as truth, as if he was speaking to the inner core of me.

I have been lucky to work with many people along the yogic path. Zachary has a deep connection to source and can truly help you, more than you can ever know.

I can honestly attest that Zachary has exponentially brought me to a deeper more honest version myself.”

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