Are you feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energy? This video discusses how to do energetic protection as an empath and severing energetic cords. When you are an empath it is important to know how to manage your energy and connections with other people. It is important for empaths to know how to sever energetic cords with other people and how to utilize the armor of god technique. Otherwise it is easy to get overwhelmed by other people’s energy and emotions.

A friend recently reached out because she was experiencing severe anxiety and heartache that didn’t seem to be her own. As we felt into her energy we discovered she had accidentally formed a connection to someone earlier that day who was in a mental health and spiritual crisis. She had not consciously formed the connection but was concerned for the person and trying to figure out what was bothering them. That was enough to form a psychic two-way connection that allowed the intense feelings of the other person to flood into her being.

This happens on a much more subtle level all the time. This connection was particularly intense because the other person was in a mental health and spiritual crisis, so it was more noticeable. But empaths form these energetic connections all the time and often don’t even realize the emotions they are feeling aren’t their own.

Therefore, it is important to be mindful of your connections with other people and learn how to sever those connections when you need to. When the heart chakra becomes sufficiently activated we becomes empaths. These subtle energetic connections are formed through the heart where we are all one. When the heart opens you will start feeling the emotions and maybe even hear the thoughts of other people.

However, you aren’t going to have much control over this ability until you have calmed your mind and strengthened your will through effective meditation and daily spiritual practices. The opened heart chakra enables the ability to be an empath, but it is the energized and clear third eye that enables us to gain mastery over the ability.

So if you are an empath the most important thing you can do is to engage in effective daily meditation so that your subtle body (mind/emotions) are clear and calm enough for you discern what is yours and what is coming from someone else. This also helps you start getting more energy into the third eye, which allows you to communicate clearly with the subtle and causal realms.

Now we are going to discuss some good techniques for empaths to protect their energy field and sever unwanted psychic connections.

Gyan Mudra

A very simple way to close the circuit of your energy field when you are in a crowded space or feel overwhelmed is to make the gyan mudra with your hands, where you touch the thumb to the tip of the index finger on each hand. This concentrates the aura so that there is less interaction with other energy fields.

Armor of God

Another way to protect your energy field is to put on the Armor of God. The Armor of God is armor of light described in Ephesians 6:10-18 that provides divine protection to your energy body. In order to use the Amor of God we should get in a quiet meditative state, then with attention directed at our third eye we silently command,

“By my great I AM presence…

I dawn the Armor of God (imagine chainmail made of light covering your body)

The belt of absolute truth…

The breastplate of righteousness…

Boots that walk in peace…

The shield of righteousness…

The sword of absolute truth…

The helm of salvation.”

Over the years I have added at the end “…and the wings of an archangel and the mantel of Christ.” Your armor will only be as strong as your embodiment of each of these traits and the clarity of your mind/third eye to invoke them. As you invoke each piece of the Armor of God imagine the armor of light manifesting on your body.

Sword of Spirit

Thus armored you may feel into your energy field to see if there are energetic connections that you would like to sever. Once you identify the connection state with attention directed at third eye,

            “By my great I AM presence…

            I sever the connection with (person’s name).”

Then imagine the flaming white sword of spirit severing the energetic cord between you and the other person. Over the years I have shortened this to saying,

            “By my great I AM presence…

            I sever all connections to all other beings save God and my Gurus.”

Then I imagine the sword of spirit severing all the energetic cords between me and other beings all round me and above me. I do not recommend doing this unless you are willing to sever all your attachments with all other beings. Not everyone is ready for this, and many of you may want to preserve your energetic connections to family, friends, and lovers.

I do these practices almost daily so I only connect when I want to connect and sever the connection when the work is done. This allows me to hold a much higher vibration and maintain a clearer energy field so that when I do choose to connect with someone I am able to do so more effectively and consciously.