In this video we will be discussing open-source spirituality. It has become increasingly popular for people to identify as “spiritual but not religious.” I myself have studied and practiced many of the world’s spiritual traditions and have benefited greatly from their wisdom. However, I’ve never been able to choose just one or close myself off to truth from different sources.

Dogma even when its true restricts the vital flow of spirit. That is because dogma is someone else’s truth that others are asking you to believe. When dogma is belief without experiential context it becomes stale, constricted, and distorted.

What is true is always true in every cultural context, no matter the words used. There are metaphysical laws, like the law of physics, that can be discovered and realized. Different disciplines and cultures use different words to describe them. But the truth is eternal and always there to be discovered, rediscovered, and experienced.

The path of open-source spirituality is not without uncertainty. Early in the journey there is a lot of potential for confusion because of conflicting information. It may be difficult to discern truth from falsehood and identify the most effective techniques for spiritual growth.

That is why it is useful to begin by studying a path that will quickly give you experiential knowledge of truth. During this initial phase you may want to focus on your chosen path to reduce the opportunity for confusion.

My initial path and root practice is kriya yoga. I chose this path (or it chose me) because it uses a scientific method of meditation using breath and awareness to quickly open and balance the energy centers so that you may experience higher states of consciousness. Through daily practice of these effective meditation techniques you may quickly come to experience the omnipresence of the heart, the great “I AM” witnessing awareness of the third eye, and the ever new bliss of union with God at the grown chakra.

Through daily practice within a few months to years the heart will teach you all is one, the third eye will teach you that you are deathless witnessing awareness and not the voice in your head, and the crown chakra will teach you that you are forever and always one with God which is ever new bliss. Moreover, the practice of kriya yoga purifies the nervous system and makes you energetically and metaphysically sensitive. Established in experiential truth and energetic sensitivity you may proceed to explore whatever you wish, without fear of getting confused or lost.

After about five or six years of kriya yoga practice I felt called to work with plant medicines. Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with the three great teacher healer plants Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Peyote. These three Shamanic initiations have been a profound part of my spiritual journey and have deepened my connection with spirit in extraordinary ways.

As I continue to listen to spirit with an open mind and open heart the next step of my journey is always revealed to me. I believe my spiritual path is unfolding more quickly than if I had stuck to one narrow path. Notably my kriya yoga practice remains the foundation of my spiritual practice because it is the means by which I remain a clean instrument for ascertaining truth. That strong foundation is that upon which all else is built.

Open-Source Spirituality at its best is living a spirit led life to find all the knowledge and techniques that are useful to your path. At its core, it is using effective means to purify the body and consciousness so that truth may be experientially realized and understanding the metaphysical laws that govern the universe, energy and consciousness.

Find a root practice to clarify your awareness and purify your nervous system so that you may experientially realize truth. Then listen to spirit with an open heart and open mind to see what wants to be born. If you do that spirit will give you as much as you can handle, but never too much, and you will find yourself on a path of radical transformation and growth.