In this October New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the October new moon. The major themes for the October new moon are “integrating the human” and getting unstuck. There are two opposite but complementary currents of energy during this new moon. On one hand many people may be feeling tired and stuck right now. On the other there is an incredible opportunity right now for rebirth and upgrading our life circumstances. It is the discomfort of our stuckness that pushes us to undertake the adventure of our rebirth.

One moment when can feel perfectly content with our lives. The next we are feeling stuck and dissatisfied. As our consciousness evolves we view our life through a new lens. Causing once comfortable routines and life circumstances to feel deeply out of alignment.

If you are feeling stuck recognize that you have more power to change your life than you think. Most of our stuckness is based on our inability to imagine a life different than our present moment. If you’ve been living your life in the same routines, seeing the same people, and doing the same stuff for months, years, or decades, don’t be surprised if you are feeling stuck! You just can’t imagine anything different!

Remember your warden is your habits and perspective, and you can change those anytime you want!

In order to get unstuck introduce some novelty into your life. Take a vacation or even a day trip to a nearby city. Go somewhere new, meet new people, do the unexpected. Identify the most painful aspect of your stuckness and change it!

Create new habits that bring beauty and pleasure into your life on a daily basis. Play an instrument, sing, dance, create art.

Our feeling of stuckness is always an invitation to upgrade our everyday life. It is our soul telling us we need more beauty, more novelty, and deeper alignment.

Each of us is in the process of “integrating the human” with the divine. Maybe the human and all its quirks and stuckness is on full display right now. Remember to love it and accept it instead of damning it and casting it into shadows. It is through our love and acceptance of all the parts of our being that the human is reclaimed and remade in the image of the divine.

The next three to six months represent a huge opportunity to birth heaven on Earth in our lives through our own awakening hearts. As we often say, ascension is an inside out process. Nobody is coming to save us. We aren’t going to be raptured to another dimension. What would be the fun in that?

The work that is ours to do is to transform ourselves and our lives on a daily basis in both profound and mundane ways. Step by step, we are moving towards our soul tribe, ideal life circumstances, and a new way of showing up in the world.